Who was that Masked Man??

  • Workout Date - 10/05/2015
  • Q In Charge - The Longbottom and The Hard Hat
  • The PAX - Banjo (respect), Slum Lord, Mustang Sally, Annie Oakley (welcome back), Uber, Floppy, Longbottom and The Hard Hat
  • AO -

Who is this mystery Q?? Longbottom and The Hard Hat decided in Sunday school yesterday to share the Q and surprise the faith Gate PAX.

Longbottom Starts

Warm-up (all IC)

SSH x 20

X’s & O’s x 10

Merkins x 10

Predator Jacks x 15

Supper Stars x 15


Dora 1,2,& 3

100 x merkins

200 x predator Jacks

300 x merkins (Bad idea)


Circle of Core (All IC)

LBC x 30

Erectors x 10

Rt. Leg erectors x 10

Lt. leg erectors x 10

Flutters x 20

Handover to The Hard Hat

Mosey to corner of church. 4 Corner Time. We will be sprinting between corner and collecting everyone before the next exercise is called out.

1st Corner – 20 Diamond Merkins

2nd Corner – 20 Werkins

3rd Corner – Grad some Curb for Mountain Climbers IC x 30 something

4th Corner – 10 Burpees

Now lets head back other way.

1st Corner – 20 Prisoner Squats

2nd Corner – 20 Lunges

3rd Corner – 20 Jump Squats

4th Corner – 20 Hand Release Merkins

Back to Top of Parking Lot for Red Rover F3 Style

4 Pax on Each Side of Parking Lot. Each side starts with set of core excersies. One Pax sprint to other group and yells out new excersie. Also tags someone to sprint back to other group. Keep doing this until time is out.

Prayers for everyone affected by Flood. We are collecting items to take down. Annie Oakley will make the first run tomorrow morning.

F3 Golf this Thursday. Sign up!

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