Who turned on the Air Condition?

  • Workout Date - 08/13/2015
  • Q In Charge - Denied
  • The PAX - Iceman, PETA, Scuba Steve, Clapper, Gift Rapper, Punch Out, Washer, FNG-Jacob- Can't Get Right, Soul Plane (double respect), Frankenrider, Double Windsor, Houdini, Denied
  • AO -

13 Pax showed up to find that the 78 degree and 100% humidity morning was not happening today. It was incredible weather this morning and if you spent your time in the sack this morning instead of posting, it was your loss.

Anyway, enough small talk, here’s what went down


Warm up:

5 X Burpee’s
10 X Lunge Walk’s DC
15 X Imperial Walker’s DC
20 X Merkins
25 X Plank Jacks

17 X Dips (some slow, some fast cadence)
10 X Decline Merkins (only because Gift Rapper asked not to do any today)

Now on to the Main Event:
4 Corners Around the Peace Center (with a form of an escalator)
1st corner- Front of Peace Center- Burpee’s- Start at 5, add 5 with each lap, we went to 20, then back down to 10, 75 total burpee’s
2nd corner- Down East Broad to end of Peace Center Small Parking Lot- American Hammers (AKA Russian Twist)- Same deal, start with 5, add 5, etc total of 75 Hammers.
3rd corner- Pull up bars under South Main- Pullup’s- Same deal, start with 5, add 5, etc total of 75 pullups
4th corner- Up the stairs on S. Main for Squats- Same deal, start with 5, add 5, etc total of 75 squats.

This was a total of 6 loops around the Peace Center, Double Windsor kept up with distance and it was 2.5 miles.

2 quick minutes of Mary to wrap it up
25 X Flutters

Great work by all! T-Claps to Scuba Steve, Clapper, Iceman and Houdini for setting the pace this morning.


Welcome Jacob Hie (sp?)- now know as “Can’t Get Right”

– Punchout made note that the Epic Ganster Hip Hop movie “NWA” hits theater’s tomorrow, he hopes you will join him at the theatre
– Michelin 5K, do it. It’s this Saturday.
– Clapper’s wife is holding a fund raising event for GCOD and his family for the adoption of their child. The event will be at Clapper’s house, 100 Augusta Court, 7PM. Please DM him for details.

– Snowden- Bad back and doing physical therapy, prayers for him
– Spring Break- prayers for his son

– Frankenrider got his meds!!!

As always, enjoyed leading, and following some of you today. I appreciate you guys coming out and dealing with my shenanigans.

Till next time…Denied

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