Who Needs to be Creative?

  • Workout Date - 10/27/2014
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - Mallwalker, Ahhnold, Mrs. Doubtfire, No Strings Attached, Mr. Kotter, Slap Chop, Footloose, Vanilla Ice, Bill Nye, Oui Oui, Bartman, Radar, Amelia, Play Doh, Double Ought (00), Blue Hawaii, Earthmover (QIC)
  • AO -

17 PAX descended on The Burbs for getmovinmonday. YHC opted to peruse the thousands of prior F3 workouts to come up with some suitable pain.

The Thang

IW 20 IC

Mosey around the parking lot and back to start.
Monster walk to 2nd tree backwards run back x 2. YHC still with tight hamstrings from Sushi’s beatdown at Legacy
Karaoke left and right to 2nd tree backwards run back x 2

Head over to soccer field for workout… quick audible back to parking lot thanks to sprinklers being on.

1000 reps (thanks to Columbia workout from a few months ago)
Burpees x 10
Ground zero jumps (google it) x 20
Merkins x 20
Squat x 30
Mountain Climber x 20 DC
Lunge x 20
Lateral hop front to back x 80 (swithched to side to side for reps 3-5)
Run to end of parking lot and back
Rinse and repeat 5 times

Plankorama between sets courtesy of Bartman and Amelia

Head down to bottom of parking lot hill. Jailbreak up the hill back to start with Rocky Balboa jumps at top (courtesy of Sushi)

6 inches

2nd F Cookout this Saturday. Complete the survey. Check the F3 email from last week for the link
Drifter Trail Run in February
Sign up for the Sushi 5k challenge
MO-Vember coming up… men’s health awareness us-movember.com search F3 on the site
The Valley will be a Coffee Underground Wednesday
Amelia has the Q for Halloween Crucible Friday
Mens Roundtable Friday mornings at Grace Church downtown
Check the F3 Mudgear site for cold weather options..don’t abandon F3 when it gets cold.
Don’t forget to check for other workouts if you travel
Tydre benefit Saturday at noon at East Riverside Park
Prayers for families of Ahhnold and No Strings Attached after deaths in their respective families
Bill Nye with his VQ Thursday at Lions Den. Come out and support a Burbs regular!

Always a pleasure to Q. Great work from all the guys today. Play Doh is the silent assassin–quietly smoking everyone!

See ya in the gloom!


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