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  • Workout Date - 06/16/2015
  • Q In Charge - RES
  • The PAX - Frankenreiter, Googles, Denied, Homeward Bound, Holla, Brake Pad, GCOD
  • AO -

GCOD posting for RES.

6 Pax where curious to find out who RES was and showed up at the Main Thang for a beatdown.

Warm Up
I guess we’ll just mosey down to the TD Ameritrade stage because the Early Edition crew is still monopolizing the Peace Center area bringing Sally up and down for silly amounts of time.

10 Merkins IC

Mosey around to the steps by lazy Goat for 11s.
Squats at the bottom, merkins at the top.
Denied absolutely smoked this. #tclaps

Let’s do something stupid.
Joe Hendrix up said steps.

4 Corners around the SBUX/HOTEL/Lazy Goat Block.
10 Merkins- Round 1
10 Squats- Round 2
20 Air Humpers- Round 3

Mosey to the River Street Bridge.
10 Derkins

Mosey to the Parking Lot behind Peace Center.
Dan Taylor up to 5 and back down.

Mosey to amphitheatre.
20 Dips OYO

Joe Hendrix up the steps back to the COT.

20 LBC
20 Flutters

YHC is toast.

Praise for Googles promotion. Praise for Holla’s 5 month old twins today. Healthy and growing (and they have some pretty hilarious facial expressions as well). Prayers for Frankenreiter and all of us as we struggle in our walks with God during times of adversity.

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