Who Has The Q?

  • Workout Date - 03/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - Macho Man
  • The PAX - 1D, Gender, Look Out Below, Nippler, Tickler, Big V, Nature Boy, Donut, Fred, Tricycle,Elmer, Wi-Fi, Macho Man
  • AO -

5:31……Who has it? Nobody knows…. I’ll take it!

The warm up


Imperial Walkerx25 IC

The Thang

Mosey down the first hill by the basketball courts, YHC announces to the pax to look out for the huge puddle at the bottom of the hill. Mosey to the bottom of the next hill and YHC totally misses the bigger puddle and goes knee deep in mud! Shoes full of water, now its time to get the pain on.

11’s. Burpees at the bottom of the hill, sprint to the top for merkins

Mosey around the track to the steps to the playground. There are 2 sets of steps, pax split up to Joe Hendrix up the stairs. Plank up when finished.

Mosey behind the school to 1D’s newly found “Courtyard of Quiver”. Head to the benches, two pax to a bench.

Sumo Squats x25 IC

Box Jumps OYO x20

Piston Squats right leg x10 IC

Piston squats left leg X10 IC

Right leg lunge x10 IC

Left leg lunge x10 IC ……It’s getting really quiet!

Dips x25 OYO

Derkins x25 OYO

Mosey back to front parking lot for push-o-rama

numbers of reps were getting pretty fuzzy by this point!

Merkin x ? IC

Pike pushups x ? IC

Peter Parker right x ? IC

Peter Parker left x? IC

Diamond merkins x ? IC

Mosey back to the circle


Flutters x ? IC

Right side oblique v ups x ? IC

Left side oblique V ups x ? IC

Dollies x ? IC

LBCs x ? IC

Plank claps x ? IC

Move back one foot, plank claps x? IC


Prayers for a friend’s wife diagnosed with breast cancer

Prayers for Kyla Mueller’s family

Prayers for Wade Rooks in his battle with cancer (Minister at FBC Simpsonville)

Prayers for a friend who’s 3 month old child has been diagnosed with cancer

Prayers for Spiccoli


Macho man prays us out

Thats how I remember it went down! Always a pleasure to lead such a great group of men!

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