Who can count to 50?

  • Workout Date - 09/30/2016
  • Q In Charge - Mint Julep
  • The PAX - Road Trip, Sammy, ACA, Earth Mover, NYOPT, Benign, Pine Tar, King Pin (Hate), Deflated (respect), Whisper (Respect), Dr. Phil, Celine Dion, Mint Julep (YHC)
  • AO -

13 lucky PAX showed up for a chilly Friday morning DB workout. It gave YHC a chance to break out his only long sleeve Kentucky football shirt and rub in our annual dominance of USC…UK football and dominance don’t usually go together. In sticking with the football theme, YHC decided to do a DB workout based around the #50…because this is probably how many points Bama will beat UK by this weekend. Nothing to it but to do it!

Side note…The Popo rolled up to Pitchfork again, we might be getting a reputation…

Warm up
• SSH x 20 IC
• Monkey humpers x 15 IC
• Windmills x 15 IC

Thang – 10 exercises, 50 reps OYO each exercise, run the speedway after 50 reps are completed, on to the next exercise, lap…so on and so on

• DB Squats x 50
• DB Renegade row x 50 (single count)
• DB fly press x 50
• DB Military press x 50
• Flutters holding DB x 50 (double count)
• DB Deadlift x 50
• DB Back reverse fly x 50
• DB pull overs (curb) x 50
• DB Front raise x 50
• American hammers w/ DB x 50 (single count)

Leg raises x 20 OYO
Back scratchers x 20 IC

• F3 golf 10/20…ACA may or may not have hired Celine Dion as his intern
• Dine out for mom’s 10/27
• Spinx Run Fest 10/29
• Gideon’s House…possible move from Saturday to Sunday morning…more to come
• Smoky Mountain Relay F3 team…Caviar organizing
• Deflated is on the Twitter!!!

Prayer Requests
• All affected by the senseless shooting in Townville…extra prayers to Jacob Hall, the 6 year old fighting for his life
• Whisper’s dad
• All those unsaid prayers

With all the craziness and stupidity in the world today it’s refreshing to be a part of a group of weirdo’s like this to work out some issues. As always it was an honor and a pleasure to lead today. God Bless.

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