Where's the Q?

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  • Workout Date - 05/11/2015
  • Q In Charge - No Strings Attached
  • The PAX - Mab Mab, Revival, Skipper, Beaker, NSA
  • AO -

YHC woke to the all familiar drone of his alarm this morning surprisingly amped to take the second ever Q at #EyeOfTheTyger. This AO is a goldmine and after a little Sunday cruise through the park, YHC figured he didn’t even need to get out of the car to look around. After all, pre-run at 05:10. “I should be able to get a plan together during that” he thought.

Of course, YHC ran into a road bump when he discovered all the gates were locked. After Mab Mab explained that we park outside the gate at this AO, he and YHC got the flag planted and got moving on the pre-run at about 05:21. About 3/4 of a mile in and on the opposite end of the park, YHC realized that he and Mab Mab had a slim chance of making it to the flag by 05:30. YHC picked up the pace to ensure the PAX wouldn’t be cheated on their time.

YHC sensed some bewilderment among the PAX as he approached them sweaty and gasping for air. I almost expected to hear “is there a fire?” or “someone chasing you”. Yeah, Mab Mab.


10 slow merkins IC

The Thang

Due to the rushed nature of the pre-run, YHC had no idea what to do. So…
Let’s mosey.

YHC had a general idea about incorporating playgrounds so the PAX moseyed toward the center of the park. Lo! A covered shelter with picnic tables! YHC called out 11s: box jumps and derkins.

The first box jump revealed that these tables were nothing like the ones at #TheStation. The table immediately flipped up when YHC landed on the seat, narrowly allowing time to bail out and avoid extreme embarrassment. Skipper audibled to step-ups (YHC is pretty sure this was more difficult than box jumps)

After 11s, the PAX continued their mosey to the playground. To YHC’s dismay, there really wasn’t anywhere to do pull-ups. Oh well, station drills anyways:

5 PAX, 5 Stations:

-20 Box Jumps
-10 Burpees
-20 dips
-20 rows using monkey bars
-run from playground to the central concession stand and up the flight of stairs.

After 2 rounds YHC was smoked, so he asked Mab Mab for a 10 count. It was a fast 10 count.
Rinse and repeat for 2 more rounds. During the last two rounds there was mention of Joe. YHC was not sure what Mab Mab was thinking but these stairs are serious: possibly the worst station depending on the various PAX’s inclination towards burpees. YHC figured Joe would be unveiled at a later date and more reasonable venue.

The PAX hustled back to the flag for about 2 minutes of Mary: plank variations.


-EH guys!
-Evy Couch during her recovery.

It was a pleasure bustin it in the gloom with these fine gentlemen; all of the PAX brought it. Despite YHC’s “on the fly” approach and a whole lot of grunting during Mary, the PAX seemed smoked and happy.

Just the way I like em.

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