Where's The Q?

  • Workout Date - 05/24/2016
  • Q In Charge - Grrr
  • The PAX - Biofreeze, Goose, Kilowatt, Blades, Highwayman, Gilligan, Sheldon, Sega, FNG-Carcass, Bob Barker, Mr. Head, Almond Joy, Perry Mason, ITunes, Wally, Cockroach, & Grrr
  • AO -

YHC received a text from NSA on Monday asking for the Q on Tuesday #TheStation. With shock and disbelief to see the date was open on the Q calendar(enter sarcasm here), YHC agreed to NSA’s request. This should be a #beatdown for sure.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning. YHC was stretching by himself for a prerun when the #legend Blades pulls in. I am so looking forward to prerunning with Blades(more sarcasm here). I should have known this is how the morning would go for YHC. Prerun completed(no Perry it was under 30 minutes, and you bet your sweet arse I am counting it #F3250) and see a good group of men arriving for their #downpainment.

5:28 and no sign of NSA. Let me check my phone. No text or missed call. Hmmmm YHC is concerned/bewildered by this pending predicament. “Wasn’t Blue suppose to pick up NSA?” comes from the PAX. Plausible and not surprising, but we had bigger fish to fry.

5:31 and we see a car pull up. Is it NSA? No it is a FNG. YHC must now channel his best “Coach” NSA #siteQprobs

The Thang
Warm Up
SSH x 20
IW x 20 still no sign of NSA #fartsack was strong

To the amphitheater
Derkins at bottom & Squats at top w/ box jump each level
Mosey to straight away
Pass Block Slide to each diagonal light post all way to entrance of park
50 Dips OYO
Find some wall
PC for 2 minutes while doing baby arm circles and air presses.
Line up in the road. Q the #mumblechatter
In honor of NSA’s #fartsacked Q we will do his favorite exercise #wheelhouse to the joy of the PAX(sarcasm again)
Lt. Dan 1 Squat to 4 Lunge Ratio
Up to 5 squats/20 lunges completed Let’s mosey #aintgotnolegs
Mosey to corner of Jason & Main St.
25 LBC’s & 25 Russian Twists DC
Mosey to church where YHC stops at the steps. I could feel NSA’s spirit leading me from his warm #fartsack
Joe Hendrix time. Al Gore at bottom & 10 Diamond Merkins at top
Mosey to brickpile and everyone grab a block. “This is going to be terrible” Did I say that out loud. BioFreeze overhears YHC and proceeds to channel his bet Blue Hawaii #mumblechattercomplaining

YHC personally hates burpees, but this is for NSA
Burpee Builder
10 Merkins w/ Block
Lunge Walk to center island with block
10 Squats w/ Block
Lunge Walk to last island with block
10 Presses w/ Block
Return your block

Mosey to Vandiventer & Line Up
Indian Run to corner of Cannon & Jason
Head to Picnic Shelter (Wally knows what is coming #Blueskryponite)
One Legged Sqauts IC/Slow Cadence x 10 each leg
Erectors x 20
One Legged Erectors x 10 each leg
Rosalita’s IC/Slow Cadence x 20
Billy Idols IC x 20 (Gilligan does not know who Billy Idol is, geez these youngsters #hatehate today.)

Naked Moleskin
YHC was not expecting to Q this morning and I hope I did not disappoint the PAX with a on-the-fly Q.
#Respect to NSA for knocking out his 50 Burpees, while PAX worked out, and posting on the Twitter. Perry Mason believes Blue Hawaii owes 50 as well. He’s our legal expert and I am sure 00 Double Aught would agree 😉 #ThisIsNotVietnamThereAreRules #BigLebowski

T-Claps to Highwayman, Gilligan, & Blades for not sweating
T-Claps to Sega & FNG Matthew “Carcass” for pushing it hard especially during Indian Run

Happy to see Greer PAX growing and if we could get all out at one time what a workout that would be. Convergence coming to #TheStation soon

Goose was accepted into Air Force Academy. T-Claps brother
Prayers for Bio’s Uncle struggle with cancer
Prayers for Sheldon’s Godfather
Prayer’s for Kilowatt

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