Where's ACA??

  • Workout Date - 12/10/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Bondo, Caviar, Earthmover, Inspector Gadget (WD), Double Windsor, Caliendo, Clipon (WB), Quickie, FNG John - Mantooth, Iceman
  • AO -

10 men planted the #shovelflag at #GideonsHouse for their Wednesday #downPAINment. @Quickie finally got his FNG to post with us. You wouldn’t have known @Mantooth was an FNG by the way he handled that workout.

SSH x……wait, here comes @Caviar and @Caliendo #ontwowheels
SSH x15
Plank Medley #crowdpleaser
– Mtn climbers x13 into
– Plank jacks x13 into
– Plank shoulder touches x15
@Gadget made up some reason to go to his car to avoid the first part of the #plankmedley. #veteranmove
Squats x20

Mosey down the Church on Pendleton…..because it has a lot of steps…..
Joe Hendricks up the first set of steps, then bunny hop the second set, running to the other side and down. Rinse and repeat 4 times.
LBC x20 (slow count) then back to the steps for Joe Hendricks – 3 rounds this time. I pointed out that the steps on the far right had more steps than the middle or far left. A few guys took me up on my challenge.
6″ variations to catch our breath and have a chat with @EarthMovers girlfriend. She’s a bit #loco
@DoubleWindsor commented that was the most Joe Hendricks he’s ever done. #youneedtovisittheBurbs #longandsteepsteps

Then we moseyed to the ballpark for 11’s.
Jack Webb and Dan Taylor. After the intial #mumblechatter (we’re doing both??, the math is too complicated, you’re killing our shoulders) the guys killed it. Not to mention @Earthmover and @Quickie who proceeded to #LarryBird me.
This set of 11’s took a while but was well worth it!

Mosey back to the #shovelflag.


Naked Moleskin
– The #ZimmerClan was back in the #Gloom. At least 2/3 of them
– This workout was tough on the shoulders so I was pleasantly surprised to see @Caviar doing merkins and other exercises he’s been unable to do since shoulder surgery. #beast
– #Tclaps to FNG John K – Mantooth. Named after a character on the 70/80’s show “Emergency”
– Got to see the #leanmean version of @Bondo. I’d heard he’d dropped some weight and the reports are true. He’s also faster.
– ACA fled to #Chucktown to yet again avoid my Q. #Imgettingacomplex

– @Walker Philips in Cola
– P200 participants

– Village Pillage 3/24 – supporting the Village Wrench, run by our very own @Caviar
– “Let Me Be Brave” 5k & 10K – Conestee Park on 4/2
– USMC Mud run – @Bondo looking for a team
– BRR teams forming

See ya in the gloom….


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