Where'd Who (Blue) Go

  • Workout Date - 09/29/2022
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Perry Mason, Grrrr, Honky Tonk, Bob Barker (WD), No Bars, Erector, Wrench, Highwayman, Shep, Wally, Almond Joy, Slick Willy, Foot Loose, Mr Head, Toto, Iceman
  • AO -

16 men planted the shovelflag and posted at #TheStation. There was one notable absence…..@BlueHawaii had planned to post, but the #fartsack (and #HDHH beers) won. More on this later…..

The Thang

SSH x20
@Wrench shows up to catch the last couple SSH
IW x20

Still no sign of @Blue….so let’s mosey. Down to the pond and then backwards run up Cannon St. Head over the parking lot (corner of Cannon and Jason St) to continue the warmup…

Jack Webb (diamond merkins) up to 5/20

Mosey to the Church and grab a block. Here’s the circuit we’re gonna do….
5 curls (bottom to mid way)
5 curls (top to mid way)
5 curls (full range)

Clock merkins (with feet on block)
5 merkins at 12 o’clock
5 merkins at 3
5 merkins at 6
5 merkins at 9

BBSU’s with block
x10 IC

Suicides – out 20 yds then out 40 yds

Al Gore for 45secs

Repeat 3 more times

Set 2
Curls – no change
Clock merkins – no change
Flutter kicks with block x10 IC
Al Gore

Set 3
Curls – 7, 7, 7
Clock merkins – no change
Dollys with block x10 IC
Al Gore

Set 4
Curls – 7,7,7
Larry Craig’s
Al Gore

Return the blocks and head back to the starting point for 2MOM
Single leg flutters x10IC ea
Freddy Mercury x10 slow cadence


Naked Moleskin
– Apparently @BlueHawaii was talking #smack at #HDHH last night. This was relayed to me by his #socialmediamanager (aka Grrr). So I tailored the workout for @Blue. Complete with backwards running, single legs squats and block work. Only he didn’t show…. #WTF. I think he needs to pay a penance. Normally I’d say burpees but that’s #wheelhouse for him. So I’m thinking a #bentjacobsladder with backwards running and single leg squats #hehehe
– We know that @NoBars and @Highwayman are fast. But @Shep is right on their heels. He was moving on the suicides
– We give @BobBarker a fair amount of grief but he may be in the best shape of anyone at #TheStation and he’s 51!!! #caniseeyourID

– HOG Day and F3Dads this weekend. Meet at Gideon’s House (downtown GVL)

Prayer Requests
– Gabby Mylander
– Ford
– @Jordache’s grandfather
– @AlmondJoy’s pregnant wife
– Grr’s Mom’s retirement
– @Wrench’s family as they try to establish a Sunday get together in Greer
– @Highwayman is looking for work
– @SlickWilly set a goal to lose 30 lbs

See ya in the gloom…..


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