Where were you?

  • Workout Date - 04/27/2017
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Quickie, Kegel, T-Bag, Youkilis, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

The weather is a perfect 60° with a slight breeze. No excuses for men not to come out. YHC had an idea designed for a larger crowd. Modify as necessary I guess. Let’s go!

Warm up

SSH, Hillbilly’s, MC, all x 20 IC, 10 Mericans

Mosey up to the brick pile. Everyone gets a block. With low and an odd number YHC modified to a solo Dora. We would stay together on the exercises and the run. We moved to the edge of the pavement hoping to see some latecomers roll in. No such luck.

With the block.

  • 25 full curls SC, run together and touch Quickie’s SUV about midway in the lot and back.
  • 25 curls, run
  • 25 overhead presses, run
  • 25 overhead presses, run
  • 25 tricep extensions, run
  • 25 tricep extensions, run
  • 25 lat pulls, run
  • 25 lat pulls, run
  • 25 straight arm shoulder lifts, run
  • 25 straight arm shoulder lifts, run

Blocks away. Continue solo Dora without them.

  • 25 IC LBCs, run
  • 25 IC Flutters, run
  • 25 IC Dollies, run
  • 25 IC reverse LBCs, run
  • 25 IC Rosalitas, run
  • 25 IC squats, run
  • 25 IC monkey humpers after a suggestion, although probably in jest, from the PAX.

Run back to the flag. We have one minute. Don’t waste it. Plankorama. Northern Aggressor, Southern gentleman.

Observations. Kegel has improved already and stayed right with us on the run. Some PAX have been busy with other workouts and training regimens and have forgotten theirs roots. Lots of fartsacking recently. The weather is perfect now. No excuses!

A- May 6 HOG Day. Get with Boomhauer. May 6 is Guard Shack’s wedding day. Qing PowderKeg that morning. May 5 Swamp Rabbit 5K. May 20 Flight for the Fight in Six Mile. Dabo Swinney foundation.

P- T-Bag’s sister and some work issues. Quickie’s children. Doolittle, Gluten’s son, after bike accident. Padre’s upcoming court hearing. High School proms and graduations coming soon. As always we pray for families. Help us be better husbands, fathers, friends, and leaders in our community.

Always a pleasure,

Brown Shorts


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