Where the Nerves are

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  • Workout Date - 08/13/2019
  • Q In Charge - Houdini
  • The PAX - Aloha, Spongebob, Dollywood, Electric City, G String, Twerkin, Punkin Spice, Johnny Football, Denied, Soup, Handy Manny, Bubba Gump, Eppe, Scuba Steve, Darth Bieber, Debit, Soul Plane, Earth Mover, Winslow, Floppy, Nails, Slim, Punchout, Libor, Ellen Dege
  • AO - Main Thang

24 dudes and 1 lesbian believe that exercising reduces body cheddar.  They followed me around without a plan, a Weinke, a SSH Warm up or the mention of a Dora….  STOP DOING DORAS

Warm up:
The safe word is ‘Mayonnaise’

Gloom Observations – FNG Glengarry Glen Ross just closed a big deal so finally blessed us with his presence in 2019 – once they run his end of year report he may be available in Q1 2020 (Convergence at the Taint Yard).  The BRR is right around the corner and NOBODY FREAKING CARES.  It’s hard to determine the stench between the Reedy and 25 gooches flapping in the heat doing fairy jacks.  Gold Tooth, Junk & Rainbow are playing head games with the Starbucks employee at the register – see them to learn how YOU can get paid to drink Starbucks.  Hot ‘N Ready would like to give golf lessons to anyone looking to score above 120.  Stewie must have forgotten to pay his dues at the ACES Country Club because he brought his ass to the Thang.  That, OR he won’t let his kids punch teachers OR he hates working out in Southern Tide Polos.  Ellen sold her jeep and now drives around in a Prius – she looks great in a compact.  Warrior won’t Q because he likes excuses.  Greer is about to celebrate their fifth year, Lions Den will sponsor Gatorades and The Burbs will be bringing Bojangles for everyone.

The Taint:

Run/Station/Run/Station:  We did this for 45 minutes, if reading this and interested in detaints THEN WAKE YOUR ASS UP AND DO WORK SON.

Naked Moleskin:

Flay sold some stuff (his dead bird, Petey, to a blind kid?)

Both Rainbows had babies and they’re doing great

CORN got some action a few months back and his partner is with child


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