Where is Hook & Ladder?

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  • Workout Date - 02/16/0009
  • Q In Charge - SLUG
  • The PAX - Duplo, T-Bag, Steamer, Youkilis, Carroll Shelby (FNG), Slug
  • AO -

So yesterday I sent a group me message to the PAX inquiring who would be at the workout today (Tuesday) at SOS because I had a FNG coming and wanted people to be there.  The usual crowd responded and Hook & Ladder called out Steamer by saying “Steamer should show cause he is all out of excuses.”  That was a good jab to motivate Steamer to show (which he did), but however H&L was a no show!  So today we are sending jabs H&L’s way to motivate/spur him to come out next week.  YHC will be out of town, so you guys stay on him!  F3 is about holding each other accountable so the friendly criticism is constant for the no shows.  I received my share once when Duplo and T-Bag met me at my house to carpool to SOS and I never got out of bed 🙂

Anyway, today 6 men laid the smackdown on laziness and ventured into the gloom for some pain and sweat at SOS.  It was great to pull into the parking lot and see my FNG ready to go, welcome Carroll Shelby!  Here is what went down…

-SSH x 20 IC
-Hillbilly x 20 IC
-Slow Windmills x 10 IC
-Monkey Humper x 10 IC

The Thang:
-Chilly Broad Jumps along entrance road to swingset (about 50 yards) this was a core smoker!
mosey to swingset
-Swerkin’s without the Merkin x 20 IC
mosey to stage
-Bodies Hit the Floor (with donkey kicks and Merkins)
mosey to basketball court
-Blackjack (21’s with Merkins & LBC’s) these were killer, that is 210 push ups for those counting!!
mosey back to flag for the COT

-Prayers for T-Bag’s sister and Quickie’s sister and their health problems
-Brown Shorts in Costa Rica for mission trip
-Newspring staff and students at Gauntlet this week
-Slug and Shelby’s friend, pray we can get him to F3 for encouragement, health and accountability

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