Where Is Everyone??

  • Workout Date - 04/01/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Latka, Certus (WD), Freeze Dry, Tesh, Little Blue Pill, Iceman
  • AO -

6 Faithful planted the shovel flag at #Legacy for their weekend downPAINment. YHC kept looking for cars but they were headed elsewhere so we got to work…..

The Thang:

SSH x25
One legged burpees x6
IW x20
Mosey to YHC’s vehicle to get bricks

Partner up
Catch Me If You Can
P1 – mosey with bricks
P2 – perform exercise, then run to catch P1
flapjack and repeat until back to starting point, plank and wait for other teams to finish lap
Lap 1 – 5 merkin jacks
Lap 2 – 10 jump lunges

Mosey to pond for
Merkins x10, lap around pond
Merkins x10, Hop scotch x20, lap
Merkins x10, Hop scotch x20, Plank shoulder touches x30, lap
Merkins x10, Hop scotch x20, Plank shoulder touches x30, Dolly’s x40, lap

Catch our breath with 20 slow LBC’s (IC) and low plank for 1 min

Mosey to the middle of the park (and grab the bricks)
Dora 1,2,3
One legged dead lift x100
Overhead press x200
Curls x300

Mosey back to the circle. Latka calls for us to run with bricks overhead

Box cutters x10
Back scratchers x20
10 superman burpees


Naked Moleskin:

– Today’s workout brought back memories of the early days at #Legacy with small numbers. Certainly a different feel when the PAX is small. Fun to Q, nonetheless.
– Summer finally decided to arrive this week. The 80* temp and off the chart humidity made YHC really push to keep up.
– We did a little more running than YHC’s typical workout. I’m thinking we covered close to 2 miles.

Announcements / Prayer Requests
– Labor Day Weekend convergence with Spartanburg at Greer – 8/30
– Prayer requests for: Erector, Spicoli and Walker. Also for the journalist Foley, killed in the Middle East.

See ya in the gloom……

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