When you're running backwards and see a car coming…

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  • Workout Date - 10/09/2015
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Whisper (respect!), The Situation, Dr. Phil, Tedediah, FNG Michael (Patch Adams), Bambi, M.O., Third Base, Look Out Below, Hooch (hate!), ACA, Homeward Bound, Sammy, ATM (YHC)
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14 pax including one FNG planted the VSF at #pitchfork on #tanktopFriday and got better.  It’s only a VSF cause YHC has yet to create his own Shovel Flag and our friend @Bambi abandoned his at the golf tourney yesterday.  #toomanybogeysorbeers.  Fortunately, the Hard Hat retrieved it and @Bambi can earn it back by posting at The Gate Monday.  After a quick disclaimer, here is what we did:

Warmup – SSH x 33 IC, IW x 33 IC.  In honor of @Whisper, @ACA, @Bambi, and @Cauliflower shooting 66 in the golf tourney yesterday.

Mosey with our dumbbells (and our weights) to the Pitchfork Speedway.  Circle Up.

Supersets with little to no rest – Goblet squat x 25 IC + one-legged DB deadlift x 15 each leg IC.  Repeato x 2 for 3 rounds total.

Double applesauce Indian run a few laps.  CAR!!!!  Man, those lunchladies get to school early.  Disaster averted, but the momenetum for the IR was gone…just circle back up.

Superset #2 – Merkins x 25 IC + Rows x 20ish IC.  Repeato x 2.  Run backwards around the speedway one lap.  CAR!!!  Some pax yelled “CAR BACK!” and some yelled “CAR FRONT!”.  Need an official ruling on this one since we were running backwards…anywho…circle back up.

Golf score was 66 – so let’s do 66 curls OYO, run a lap; 33 DB thrusters, run a lap; and finish with 33 LBCs holding our DB overhead.  Just enough time for Mary.

4MOM – Rosalita x 25 IC, 25 BBSU OYO, 1 Round of ATMs (15 Alternating Shoulder Taps IC, 10 Tempo Merkins, and 10 FAST Merkins – never leave plank position).

Announcements – see below from Footloose.  Welcome FNG Michael n/k/a Patch Adams.

Prayers – Aunt Mary, Whispers Dad, Church Lady, our State, Lilly.

Always a pleasure men.



From Footloose:

Swamp Rabbits…the time is now! God has brought each of us together over the past several years to sharpen one another in the #gloom. To encourage each other through 2ndF and hold each other accountable through the 3rdF. However, perhaps God is smarter than that…and has been building us up for more #impact. Read the words below from a tweet sent out by F3Columbia point man, SubPrime, regarding the floods in Columbia…

“Have to wonder if all @F3Columbia has been doing since its beginning was preparing PAX to be able to serve our community during current situation.” Ponder that for a moment.”

I completely agree and am calling each of us to step up and #LEAD. Our brothers need us…their families and friends need us…God has called us to #reach #serve and #share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone. The time is now.

Date: 10/10/15 – TOMORROW
Location: Legacy Park – if you can’t meet at this time but want to roll down to Columbia on your own…meet at AC Flora High School @ 0900
Time: ROLL OUT at 7:00 AM (arrive before)
Items to bring: dust mask, gloves, hard working clean up items (crowbars, flat shovels, hatchet/axe, chainsaw, etc..) AS well as: change of clothes, water, etc…
Transportation: We will #clowncar from Legacy. Can’t stay the whole day, no worries! TBC will be leaving Cola. around 3:30 to return to Greenville.

Let’s mount up and be the cavalry to help our brothers. Many of them have been working tirelessly all week and could use a pick up #F3Style.

Contact for questions…864-630-7845


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