When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be Like Napa

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  • Workout Date - 08/15/2019
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Spud Webb, Schwinn, Bubba Gump, Napa, Wally, WaxOn, Chubbs Lyman, ZipLine, Play Doh Iceman, Chicken Mini
  • AO - The Station

Bombjacks x10
Lunges x16
Imperial Walkers x20
Merkins x25
Plank jacks x30

Backwards run up hill, at stop sign 15 HR merkins then 3 squats and a broad jump, repeat until we get to the Tribe Bldg **audible** stop at #SpinningJenny then mosey to the Tribe Bldg
Balls to the Wall (30 sec) / Peoples Chair (60 sec)

Mosey to Baptist Church
Joe Hendrix up / crab walk down
On JH, 1 merkin every other step
On crabwalk, 2 dips every other step

Mosey across the st and line up for #IndianRun. Run up Few St, right on Church St, stopping at Parking lot at corner of Church and Main St

Air raid – #specialrequest from @PlayDoh
IW / 3 hand release merkins #IW’s are sneaky hard when done in large quantities
SSH / 3 squats

Indian Run down Jason St to Namaste – guilted @BobBarker (and his dog) into joining us
Balls to the Wall (30 sec) / Peoples Chair (60 sec)

Mosey to circle


Naked Moleskin:
– continually amazed by @Napa. #DoubleRespect who pushes hard every workout
– @SpudWebb doesn’t run, he skips/floats
– don’t be afraid to try new things at a workout, just be ready to audible (see above) ; )

– 5 yr convergence for F3Greer on 8/24 – 0700
– Check out podcast – F3: 43 Feet

– Mrs Buttermaker…..er.. Butterworth as his family relocates from Ireland
– @TheMuff and @Chubbs new babies at home. Also @Chubbs sister with a new baby
– Continue to keep @Lamar in your thoughts/prayers with the loss of their baby

See ya in the gloom….


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