WheelBarrow * 3 (Maybe Not)

  • Workout Date - 07/24/2014
  • Q In Charge - Esther
  • The PAX - Mary, TheTickler, Fletch, Gymboree, MachoMan, Sidik, ReTread, BigB, NatureBoy, Tesh, WIFI, Esther
  • AO -

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Twelve courageous souls escaped the death grip of the fart sack and entered the gloom to experience Esther’s debut Q (yes I just referred to myself from the third person and will continue to do so — clinical research is ongoing for this condition but progress is slower than I’d like)

Warm Up

-SSH * 30
-Merkins * 25 OYO
-IW * 30
-Mosey jog around the parking lot

The Main Thang (I guess)

-Hit the wall for the chair, 60 seconds.
-Box jumps on the curb, 60 seconds.
-Hit the wall for the chair, 90 seconds.
-Slow mosey to road.
-Merkins * 25 OYO
-Indian Run to middle school.
-Wheelbarrow across the field with partner, partner switch up half way. 10 burpees at the other end, Return back, 5 Burpees. (Esther was going to do this * 3 but quickly figured out his ambition exceeded his physical ability and was unsure if members in the PAX were going to stone him #WheelBarrowIsPain)
-10 air squats, Simon says style #HowLongCanYouSquat
-Indian Run back to Elementary school. (Gymboree appeared to be in air trouble at the end of the run so Esther checked on him; it was quickly discovered he was fine and was running the “Respect” sandbag. #DontLetTheAgeFoolYou)
-25 Merkins Top of hill, OYO
-Slow Mosey to back of school.
-3 Stations in circuit, 1 trip through. #1, Pull ups *10 #2 Dips *25 #3, Lunges * 25 (#NoManLeftBehind)
-Slow mosey to the big hill #HillOfPain (whatever we call it today).
-Back walk up hill locked in arms. (#WorkAsOne #KeepTheLineStraight) * 1


-20 Sit through Situps
-20 Flutters
-20 Russian Twist
-20 Mountain Climber

Misc Notes

-Retread put a prayer that caused the Holy Spirit to fall and we all thought we were in a church revival. Way to pray bro!
-Now for the sap. In short, wanted to say thanks to all and God Bless for giving me an opportunity to lead a superb group of men this morning. When 1d put me in the EH, I was at the lowest point of my life. F3 came at just the right time. Our time, hard work, and fellowship has greatly enriched my life. Because of F3 and God’s good grace through other avenues as well, I have something I had long lost, hope. #Esther out.

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