What's your Dolphin?

  • Workout Date - 09/12/2015
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Carl's Jr, Shiner, Gluten, Quaker, FNG Matthew Sowles (Whoopi), Flow Rider, Mr. Burns, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

2 Keggers lit the Fuse for a 3 mile slow mosey warmup. 8 would battle through a volunteer Q from YHC. The PAX know to expect lots of ab work when I Q. Carl’s Jr wants to change my name to Mr Abs. I’ll take that as a compliment. The ab work is my Dolphin and Kryptonite to others. Play to your strengths.

Our FNG was recruited by Erector long ago and finally decided to show.


SSH, MC, ‘Mericans, IW all x20 IC

Mosey to hill at the front entrance of the church for Dora. Partner one does exercise while partner two runs ~40 yards and back. Team count…

Core Dora- 100 DC Flutters, 200 DC Freddy Mercury, 300 LBC

Squats to stretch the legs.

Arm Dora- 100 ‘Mericans, 200 Big arm circles, 300 air presses

SLOW mosey around front of church back to the flag. Circle up for extended Mary.

Pretzel crunch left, right, 6 inches, Homer, Marge, Mr Burns, into Dollies, Erectors to honor his recruit who posted today, reverse crunch. X20 IC

Banana (Superman) back stretches

Peter Parker, Parker Peter. Both x20 IC

Mosey to bottom of the stairs for Joe Hendricks. Three flights and lunge walk in between. People’s Chair with arm exercises for 3 minutes to the end. Jailbreak to flag to finish.

If you don’t know Gluten personally, you have probably heard of his passion for F3. He is a great salesman for the benefits of our group. Their was talk of changing his name to F3 Amway.

A- Sept 26 Easley/Pickens Expansion (Market Square 7 am), Oct 24 Mud Run, Spinx Runfest

P- Trinity Point Church during their transition with a new pastor. Prayers for YHC’s daughter with hearing loss and my M who deals with it more than me. All our F3 brothers.

Always a pleasure,

Brown Shorts

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