What's it gots in its pockets?

  • Workout Date - 10/08/2016
  • Q In Charge - Pine Tar
  • The PAX - Upstate, Benign, Mint Julip, Jinxy, Padre, Road Trip, Church Lady, Harbaugh, Khaki-Capris, FNG (PBR), FNG (Flying Dutchman), Pine Tar(YHC)
  • AO -

Yep, my precious, the dreaded Deck of Death, you guessed it. 12 pax (including 2 FNGs and YHC) ventured out into the windy gloom this morning for a bit of fun involving burpees, superman merkins, bulgarian ball busters, and some big boy sit ups. T-claps to Harbaugh and Khaki-Capris for dragging a couple of Citadel cadet evacuees out of the fart sack and into the gloom with us. Our FNGs from Germany and Netherlands, now known as PBR (because he hates American beer – but not enough to turn it down!) and The Flying Dutchman (because of his basketball skills), were heard huffing and puffing through the deck but could (or would) not complain in light of one of their Colonels (AKA Upstate) being among the PAX this morning. Turns out rumors started years ago by YHC’s M that I was not playing with a full deck were accurate, however the two missing cards were low in value for the beat down this morning. Lucky enough not to lose a few more due to the wind from the outskirts of Matthew, which also kept us cool. Speaking of which, we let the Scorpions “Rock You Like a Hurricane” kick us off, and were serenaded by some other hair bands and eventually some good rock and roll to keep our minds off of what was happening to our bodies. Thanks to FNG – Flying Dutchman’s cut of the deck we landed on the Ace of Burpees last = crowd pleaser. So here’s what went down….

SSH x 25 in cadence
Mountain Climbers x 20 in cadence
Hill-Billies x 20 in cadence
Mosey to Speedway

Deck of Death
Spades = Burpees
Clubs = Superman Merkins (in honor of Jonah Hall)
Hearts = Bulgarian Ball Busters
Diamonds = Big Boy Sit ups

Q flips card, do associated exercise to value of card.
4 rounds, then a lap around the speedway
Repeato til the deck is done

Flutter kicks x 25 in cadence
American Hammer x 20 in cadence

Spinx Run Fest Oct 29
F3 Golf Tournament Oct 20
Dine out for Mom Oct 27
Spartan Race near Winnsboro end of the month

COT Prayers
Watch over Guardsmen and law enforcement deployed along coast
All those affected by Hurricane Matthew
Safe travels back home for those evacuated
Johah Hall’s family and Townville community
People in Haiti

I enjoyed leading you guys this morning, great job by all. Kudos to Padre who I think sprinted every lap between sets (way to push it!).

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