What's Cooking? Gluten's Recipe On Thunder Thursday

  • Workout Date - 10/01/2015
  • Q In Charge - Gluten
  • The PAX - FNG - Curt Carlson (Respect) - 'Red Wire' - WD, Carl's, Jr. (Respect), Boomhauer, Brown Shorts, Gauge, Gutshot, I Try, Keystone, Muffin Monster, Padre, Quickie, Slug, Swift, Tiny Dancer - WB, Whoopi, Youkillis and Gluten (Respect).
  • AO -

Thu, Oct 1, 2015 5:24 AM Eastern Time (US) 275th day of the year

Activity Type: Boot Camp style workout | Event Type: Fitness | Course: F3 Powder Keg          Temp: 64 degrees | Conditions: Occasional distant lightning, thunder
17PowderKegPAX posted strong in the gloom to see what YHC would be cooking up!  This special concoction of exercises would push through a growing theme of numbers & patterns on pavement, thru steps, a ring of fire, block pile, picnic shelter, run-a-round the church, moseys with appropriate plank stops to ‘pick up the six’, a potato masher with another plank stop before going through Hill Topper Flutters, a Superman Pose with a countdown for a Jailbreaker to the ShovelFlag with just enough time left for 1MinuteOfMary… Okay, so it was two! YHC knows just how much the PAX of The Powder Keg love Mary! Here’s the skinny for what went down:
Disclaimer for benefit of 1st timers and those who might have missed it… “We are NOT professionals, so modify as necessary for this peer-led workout. Time to, you know…
SSHX20, in cadence; Imperial WalkersX21, in cadence; Prisoner SquatsX22, in cadence; and Mountain ClimbersX23, in cadence… let’s mosey.
It was a left turn and then a right turn with an eventual stop at the bottom tier of steps where YHC announced “The NEXT exercise is…
  • The Joe Hendrix (backward bear crawl up steps) with YHC’s FAV Karaoke on pavement to 2nd tier of steps – repeating bear crawl in reverse up steps with more Karaoke across pavement to last tier of steps with last karaoke pavement cross to church front entrance with a plank to hold while we pick up the six. After a few special plank hold variations courtesy of Brown Shorts, YHC encouraged the PAX to circle up for
  • A Ring Of Fire of Sequential Merkins for 5 rounds. YHC then encouraged the PAX to follow on a mosey up the Hill to…
  • The Block Pile After PAX pick up their coupon, we circle up for…
    • 21 GUNS with PAX following YHC’s count for…
  • 7 low range curls, with hold for YHC’s silent count of 7 before beginning
      • 7 upper range curls, with hold for YHC’s silent count of 7 before beginning
      • 7 full range curls, with hold for YHC’s silent count of 7 before beginning
      • 7 overhead presses, with hold overhead for YHC’s silent count of 7 before beginning
      • 7 tricep extensions and placing coupon down for YHC’s silent count of 7 before a…
      • Rinse&Repeat for a 2nd round. YHC then encouraged PAX to return coupons to block pile  and reconvene inside the picnic shelter for
      • ELEVENS or DIPS & Derkins OYO (10 & 1, 9 &2, 8 & 3, etc all the way to 1& 10). As the PAX completed our Picnic, we shut off the light to
      • Mosey round the church with a plank & hold  to pick up the six at the back left corner of church. As the six was picked up, we continued…
      • Mosey to The Lowest Corner of Marathon’s pavement for another Plank & Hold to pick up the six. Once the six was picked up, YHC led the PAX through…
      • The Potato Masher… weaving our mosey in and out of the lower parking area. Another plank & hold to pick up the six, then a…
      • Mosey up the hill for…
      • Hill Topper Flutters X24. in cadence. Then Superman Pose with Youkillis providing a coundwn from 10 for a…
      • Jail Break to the Shovel Flag


Reverse LBC’s X25, in cadence finished out our 45 minute workout.


Despite the weather – it is a rain or shine happening – a STRONG contingent of 17PAX including Qotters4Quickie …or kotters for Kwickie (Hmm… number patterns AND letter patterns), 1st time PAX posting at Powder Keg – I Try and Padre, as well as FNG Curt Carlson F3 “Red Wire” – who is our new WD (War Daddy) as well… and yes, Tiny Dancer you are still PowderKeg’s WB (War Baby)!
Announcements regarding 2nd week of Easley launch at Old Market Square; soft launch for Easley on Wednesday 0530 at Old Market Square, Mud Run Registration extended
It was iron sharpening iron despite seeing lightning, hearing thunder and even feeling raindrops as we closed out with prayer in the Circle of Trust. It is truly an honor to strive toward becoming better men with F3 Brothers who have your back! I look forward to YOUR Q as you step out of your comfort zone with the support of the PAX! See you in the gloom! Gluten, out.

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