What time is it?

  • Workout Date - 03/14/2016
  • Q In Charge - T-bag
  • The PAX - Hook & ladder, Whoopee, Seal, June Carter, Slug, Newman, Missing, Duplo, Quaker, Lake effect, Boomhauer, Clapper, Youkilis, Gage, Carls jr, Brown Shorts, 12th Man, Flo Rider, T-bag, Mr. Burns
  • AO -

20 delusional PAX resisted the urge to get back their hour that was lost over the weekend. I don’t know what I was thinking when I volunteered to Q on the first Monday after losing an hour for daylight savings time. I thought about fart-sacking but quickly remembered I was the Q. Then it was off to the #POWDERKEG for a beat-down. Here’s what went down:


  • SSH x 25 (IC)
  • Windmill x 15 (IC)
  • Freddy Mercury’s x 15 (IC)

The Main Thing:

Split up in groups of 2 for an Indian Run. (After explaining the route, the mumble chatter consisted of “that’s too long for an Indian Run”……I hear ya.)

End up at the brick pile.

Everyone grab a small brick for 11’s (curls & overhead triceps)

Bricks back to the pile and another Indian Run. Same route, opposite direction. (Like I said, I hear ya…a little less mumble chatter for this run)

End up at the brick pile again. This time everyone grabs a large block.

Head to the basketball court for 7’s (sit/stand overhead press with the blocks, run to the other side of the court and do Merkins)

Blocks back to the block pile.

Jail-break to the flag for 4MOM – people’s choice.


  • Palmetto 200 – March 18th – 19th. Prayers for the runners/drivers.
  • Clemson AO- Saturdays 7-8 @ Bowman field – spread the word
  • April 2nd – Let Me Be Brave race @ Conestee Park (http://greenvillerec.com/event/let-me-be-brave-race/)
  • April 2nd – Spongebob race at CU-ICAR in Greenville (FREE)
  • April 2nd – Boomhauer’s death race – Camp Croft
  • April 30th USMC Mud Run in Columbia (http://www.mudrunguide.com/event/south-carolina-usmc-ultimate-challenge-mud-run-spring-2016/)

Prayer requests:

  • Gluten with the Flu
  • Pray for me and my better half for guidance on our decision with Millie’s School.
  • Emma (Brown short’s daughter) starting Einstein Academy next year.

T-bag out

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