What if I told you….

  • Workout Date - 03/28/2015
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - Spongebob, LBP, White Walker, Lookout Below, Sushi, Nature Boy, Floppy (double down), Earthmover
  • AO -

8 Pax dug out the cold weather gear and posted at #legacy. I rolled in to the parking lot and was serenaded by old school Beastie Boys coming from Spongebob’s car. It’s gonna be a good day! Conditions – 32 degrees, clear and brisk

IW x 10 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
LBCs x 10 IC
No SSH was duly noted by everyone

The Thang
Mosey to Rocky Slope, stop for Karate Kicks since Sushi was with us
Indian Run to Woodruff Road and Budget Car lot
SSH x 10 (more to come)
Head over to hill in parking lot. Backwards run up 2 burpees at top, jog down, back up for 4 burpees, etc up to 10. 30 burpees total
Mosey back to #legacy and down to the pond. New circuit I’m calling “30 for 30”
30 reps each of- SSH, merkins, mountain climbers, squats
Lap around the pond, AMRAP for 30 minutes. We added 5 burpees to the exerecise set.

Sushi and Nature Boy were beasts and completed 10 rounds each (I believe). Everyone else was in 8 or 9 range. Lots of “this sux” mumblechatter so we know this was a good workout. Little mumblechatter from Sushi as he was focused on smoking all of us. Math majors can come up with the total reps.

Over to stairs for #JoeHendrix. Some did all stairs and some did a flight.

Bear crawl up the big grassy hill then mosey back to circle.

15 WWII situps OYO

HC for Jackalope
Expansion coming to Atlanta, Jacksonville, Asheville, Birmingham. Watch emails for more info
Sushi’s GPS says we did 3.2 miles or so. He was not expecting this from EM!

Always a pleasure!


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