What happens when half your PAX Q?

  • Workout Date - 01/10/2015
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts, Quaker & YHC, Gluten
  • The PAX - Slug, Tea Bag, FNG Wes King - Cabin Fever (WB), Brown Shorts (Q1), Quaker (Q2) and Gluten (WD)
  • AO -

It gets interesting… a “triple q” for a pax of six. Something perhaps an FNG will likely not soon forget. You’ll have to revisit that with him with a “What was most memorable about your 1st F3 experience, Cabin Fever?” question. Here’s how the early hour in the PowderKeg gloom went down:

Brown Shorts led off getting us circled up…


SSH, IC x 25 oh yeah, and for the benefit of our FNG the standard disclaimer that we are not professionals and to modify as necessary since boot camp style workouts are not the normal routine for most (yet) and that while the exercises don’t get easier, you do get stronger. We don’t desire any one to get hurt when we are just all trying to work together on getting better!

Imperial Walkers, IC x 25 was followed by Wind Mills, IC x 25… there may have been another and it might not have been in that exact order, but then again, this was without a “Wienkie” and a short mosey to ‘Court’ followed that took us away from the parking lot where we initially gathered.


After leaving the familiar space near the SF Brown Shorts led us to a an area well suited for ELEVENS of Dips&Derkins combinations that always equal to 11! 1+10, 2+9, 3+8, 4+7, 5+6, 6+5 and so on… plank till we all completed and then another mosey around to front church entrance.

It then became apparent that we would focus on our core that often reminded  some of us of an extended 6MOM with a painful quantity of in cadence exercises that included LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Reverse LBCs and finishing up with holding our heels suspended off the ground SIX INCHES for a period of time that left our core silently screaming for this Q to complete his countdown from 10 just a little bit faster.  Thank you Brown Shorts, sir! It may have been at this point that he passed the Q appropriately on to Quaker! Where might he lead us? A mosey to the brick (block) pile!

After the PAX picked out their block buddy to throw in some weight resistance, Quaker didn’t waste any time demonstrating  one of his personal favorites from an ‘on your SIX’ position. It is similar to Heels to Heaven only you press your block buddy as part of the experience. Fairly certain we did at least 15 of these together IC. We also did SEVENS of CURLZ lo to mid, mid to hi, lo to hi until we had 21 total. Then we got in some standing presses overhead with some leg kick outs as well as some tricep extensions of a quantity that was in the 10 to 15 range or a sufficient amount that left us pleased when Quaker said we could return our blocks to where we found them. Then it was mosey time from the shed area back to ‘Court’ where I’m fairly certain we did more ELEVENS

These ELEVENS were of a different sort… the Lunge&Squat variety with combinations that always equal to 11! 1+10, 2+9, 3+8, 4+7, 5+6, 6+5 and so on… plank till we all completed and then a short mosey to a Ring of Fire (ROF)holding a squat position while in sequence each ‘link’ did five reps of ply-o squats moving in order to the right until the ring of fire was completed. Then another mosey to the next ROF where we planked until one if the links in the PAX did 5 reps of Merkins passing on the the link to our right until the ROF was completed. Then another mosey to eventually led us around the church again down to the bottom stairs where Quaker announced a Joe Hendrix which was a backward bear crawl up the steps with holding a plank while we waited for the PAX to complete the lower section of steps.  After the mid section of steps it was mountain climbers(?) and after the upper final section of steps it was SSH. Once we were all finished with the Joe Hendrix, Quaker was asking “How much time do we have left?” There was still about twenty minutes to go.

Quaker led us to front parking lot where we took up the crab walk position.The goal was to crab walk 10 spaces. This was done together until Quaker called an audible after a majority of these were completed with the PAX pretty much smoked! Quaker passed the Q onto YHC, who called on us to finish up with a Jack Webb 1:4 ratio of merkins to air presses up to 5:20 and then reverse back down. Some of the PAX thought we should have been finished once we reached 5merkins & 20 air presses, but no, we suffered through together all the way back down to 1:4 and we were all willing to complete the COT/BOM right where we finished up with old Jack Webb.


Amazing how splitting up the Q three ways seemed to make the hour seem longer than 60 minutes. All were encouraged for coming out during another day of upper teens frigid cold weather, but well before the time we finished no one was complaining about the cold. Announcements were made with mention of The Farm AO for F3Anderson on Mondays at 5:30am. Reminded everyone of the COT being a safe place for our F3 Brothers to be transparent and respect that confidentiality when shared unless otherwise permission is given to share as a matter of a prayer concern of opportunity to share as a praise of joy to be shared. While finishing up it was noticed that several vehicles were arriving on the Marathon Church Campus for Boy Scout Pack Meeting. Later learned that Brown shorts was able to EH 3 of the men before he left. That’s an opportunity met head on that models the “I am 3rd.” mantra of F3! Thanks Brown Shorts for not missing that opportunity! Also thanks to Slug for the manner in which he has embraced so quickly the ideals of F3. Slug has 3 workouts in this week! He comes by himself the first time without an invite or sponsor from PowderKeg. His second workout Slug brings a friend. His 3rd workout out he brings another friend and was responsible for half the PAX on this Powder Keg Saturday workout! That’s an awesome thing for Brown Shorts, Quaker and YHC to see take place. We are glad that Tea Bag and FNG Wes King (Cabin Fever) are our F3 Brothers! It was a different kind of experience, but one we won’t soon forget! Look forward to next time. See you in the gloom!

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