What goes up must come down!

  • Workout Date - 09/08/2016
  • Q In Charge - Quickie
  • The PAX - Brown Shorts ,Tbag ,I Try , Carl's Jr.(respect),Slug,Quaker(respect),Seal,Clapper and YHC
  • AO -

I was checking the Q calendar and noticed nobody had it so I text Brown Shorts.I didn’t want to take it if someone else wanted it.They may have wished they did after what I had on my mind.
20 Side Straddle…..nah Smurf Jacks MUMMBLECHATTER got ’em
20 Mtn.Climbers
Since some don’t like running I-try(ed) to make it as close to a 0.0 as I could.Mosey around the church to the front parking lot for a LAZY DORA 123321
100 Merkins swap every 10 plank while partner exercises
200 Squats swap every 20 while partner does Al Gore
300 SC Flutters swap every 30 while partner holds 6 inches
THIS SUCKS but what goes up must come down
300 Plank Shoulder Taps while partner holds plank swap every 30
200 Erectors while partner holds in the up position swap every 20
I had planned to do Jump Squats as the last but SOMEBODY had to say something about the worst for last or something so lets do BURPEES
100 Burpees while partner holds Al Gore swap every 10 which was modified to Jump Squats after tears(of JOY) were shed
I love this stuff!!!
Mosey to the coupon pile for 10 full extension curls by 10 overhead presses x 3 wait we missing someone we collected him on our way back to the church were a short version of the WALL OF FIRE was about to take place. Everyone in sit in the Peoples Chair and do 10 Squats down the line. We are running short on time so lets mosey back to the flag for 2 MOM
The Alphabet spell capitol letters without your feet touching the ground! DONE and DONE
Announcements and Prayers
Small Groups at Brown Shorts house 530 on Sunday 9/11
Sept 11th Belton Memorial Walk
Oct 1st Swamp Rabbit Ultra at Conestee Park
Oct 8th Ragnor Relay and Whittlelope
Oct 22th Hyco 5K
Nov 12th Hope Relay
Prayers for TBag sister as well as my sister both with breast cancer

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