What do you get when you mix a drink and dancing…

  • Workout Date - 11/28/2015
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii & Footloose co-Q
  • The PAX - Sushi, White Walker, Little Blue Pill, Earthmover, Blue Hawaii and Footloose (YHC)
  • AO -

A very loud, early morning co-Q!  Blue Hawaii and Footloose (YHC) took the call for a Q-less #Legacy on a fine Saturday in #SwampRabbitLand

Four other Rabbits joined us (T-Claps Earthmover for joining us after a 00 #DawnPatrol).  Six total circled the #shovelflag for a #beatdown.

BH lead us off with the standard warm-up 25 x SSH, MC and Merkins.  YHC took over from there for a #DoubleDora of suck. Partner up – partner 1 runs down the hill, around the pond and back up the hill to rescue partner 2 who started the count with:

100 – Merkins

200 – lunges

300 – air presses

300 – LBC’s

200 – squats

100 – weekend (wide hand Merkins)

Sushi did an amazing job running faster than everybody and partnering with YHC. His back was tired by the end for carrying YHC during most of the day!

Blue Hawaii takes over for 11’s starting with hand-release Merkins and Turkish Get-Ups. Ask BH for a demonstration when you see him. #awkward #weird #incrediblyhard #smoked. YHC tried to audible my next takeover and head for MOM but BH wasn’t having it (15 min with Mary?!?!). So we mosey to the plains for some #RedRover. Three PAX on one side opposite the other three. Everybody down for LBC’s while the first guy hauls the pallet up the hill to the other line…join the fun and switch to next person to carry the pallet back, switch again,etc…continue LBC’s until all PAX have hauled the pallet #awkwardlyheavy. Rinse/repeat with Hip slappers. At this point, I’m #smoked. T-claps to Sushi for carrying the pallet back for us.

Next up, MOM with Blue Hawaii. More LBC’s, Rosalita, and some other painful nonsense. Let’s circle up for COT.

Prayers for Walker (F3Lexington Nailpop’s 2.0), as well as encouragement to love your families, F3 brothers and everyone God puts in your path. #lifeisshort.

Sign up/RSVP for F3 Christmas Party on 12/12.

It was awesome being back in the #gloom. #mumblechatter was strong…and so was my heavy breathing. While this has been a really tough year for YHC, I get better every time I’m in the #gloom with my brothers. Thank you for your love, guidance, encouragement and steadfastness. You make me better!

Always a pleasure to post with you Blue!

~ Footloose

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