What do "Ring of Fire" and "Sally" have in common?

  • Workout Date - 12/21/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Bulleye, Fire Marshall Bill, PSI, Mr. Freeze, John Boy, Billy Bob, Revival, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

8 PAX were asking this very question as they pulled into Eye of the Tyger this morning. Maybe that is why most were 5 min late.. Don’t worry- 5 minutes late means we will run 5 minutes long. Here’s how the song went…

Warm Up:
20 Imperial Walkers IC
20 Russian Twists IC
20 Heels to Heaven IC
20 Flat foot jumps OYO

Main Thang:
Line up for Indian Run and head towards opposite side of park, at Galaxy Hill.
Bear Crawl up Galaxy Hill to the flat top.

The Ring of Fire:
Get in a tight plank circle around my phone. Turn on Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.
Starting w/ 1st PAX, performs 2 merkins- going clockwise the next PAX does 2 merkins- works it way around the circle. When hits the 1st PAX again, goes to 4 merkins…Continue this rotation for the duration of the song (we got up to 8 merkins)
Finish w/ 5 Merkins IC
Crab Walk to the bottom of the Hill

Bring Sally Up w/ Squats
Circle back up- arms on each others shoulders, listen to Sally song while doing squats.3:54 to be exact. Ouch.
Turn on Bicycle by Queen- 1 minute of Freddy Mercury’s.
Turn on We Are The Champions- 1 minute of Mountain Climbers.

Head over to road beside flat field…

Burpee Escalator:
Starting at one crosswalk, 5 burpees.
Run 100 yards, 10 burpees.
Run back 100 yards, 15 burpees.
Run back 100 yards, 20 burpees.
Plank-o-rama when done.
Everyone finished?
20 Flutter Kicks IC

Lunge walk 40 yards towards main road,
Gorilla Walk 40 yards and complete trek to main road.

Line back up for another Indian Run back to glory.

5 MOM:
This version of Mary is AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)
30 seconds Shoulder Taps
30 seconds of LBC 2.0
30 seconds of Rosalita
60 Air Presses IC
And plenty of mumblechatter to end the workout =)

Prayers for Bullseye- has to catch up on Christmas shopping…big time!

Prayers for Billy Bob’s friend who is fighting leukemia, husband and 3 young kids- God’s comfort and miraculous healing!

Prayer for Mab Mab – mom’s best friend died on Friday, heavy.

Prayer for Walker- healing and a miracle.

Make sure you get out and post this week, don’t be scared of a little bit of rain.

Thursday EYE OF THE TYGER IS MEETING AT 5:30 for one hour! The Christmas Eve Special!

New Years Eve Tree Burning and Fireworks at Mab Mab’s house


As always, good job this morning men. Proud to lead you guys and to work alongside you. Iron sharpens Iron.

Merry Christmas-

Mab Mab

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