What about the Biceps?

  • Workout Date - 02/10/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Satisfry, Weed Wacker, Denied, Handy Manny, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

5 PAX fled the nest and took to streets of a beautiful Downtown Greenville in a gloom that will not soon be forgotten. Small numbers equal big pain! The temperature was just right for a full body beatdown (except for those biceps) that YHC was happy and honored to administer. This is how it went:

Warm Up
20 Plank Jacks IC
20 Mountain Climbers IC
20 Peter Parkers IC
20 Butt Kickers IC

The MAIN THANG…you ready for this?
Mosey behind Peace Center to the Pain Pavilion
Time for a little Burpee Escalator
5 Burpees then Bear Crawl to second red iron support
10 Burpees then Crab Walk to second red iron support
15 Burpees then Gorilla Walk to second red iron support
20 Burpees then plank-o-rama while the PAX finish up
(Not a whole lot of Mumblechatter….yet)
20 Russian Twist IC
20 Smurf Jacks IC
Mosey behind Peace Center to Broad St, up the hill and cross over Main St, then down the hill beneath the Church St. bridge
20 Freddy Mercury’s IC
20 Billy Idol’s IC
Grab a bridge pillar for Donkey Kicks
20 Donkey Kicks OYO
(Mumblechatter is picking up….love it!)
Head over to field just past the bridge…Frisbee you ask? Nope. Not this morning.
Time for Wind Sprints though….hate, Hate, HATE.
Wind sprints to orange flag in middle of field, back to starting line. 5 Burpees. Sprint to telephone pole other side of field and back to start, 5 burpees.
(This earned YHC a WTH from the PAX- feelin’ the love!)
20 Shoulder Taps IC
20 Heels to Heaven IC
Rinse and repeat on the Wind Sprints (did I mention Hate?)
Mosey back up crazy long hill of Broad St. to Peace Center (YHC particularly hates this hill, and after Wind Sprints….I gave myself a WTH?!?)
Find a spot on the wall
20 Dips IC
Grab a metal chair:
20 Split Leg lunges (10 per leg) IC
20 Dead Cockroach IC
15 Derkins on chairs IC

20 Flutter Kicks IC
20 Air Humpers
15 Rosalita’s IC
15 Dolly’s IC
20 Oblique Crunches (10 each side) IC

April 11th- USMC Mud Run- SIGN UP NOW

April 12th- MS Walk at Furman

February 14th- Baby Seal doing Eagle project at FIKE Center in Fountain Inn. Building playset and cleaning the grounds…great way to give back. Goes from 9-2 and lunch is provided.

Feb 12th Nail Pop from Lexington bringing the Pain to The Station, come and join him.

Men’s Roundtable Men & His Work scheduled to start March 6th at Grace Church on Pelham Rd. Wanted to give some guys from other AOs opportunity to join us. I know, I know- you have to sacrifice your Friday workouts. Remember the 2nd and 3rd F are what make F3 work. Otherwise you will burn out.

Prayers for Libor and his family- his dad went into ICU and they are getting vague info from the doctors. Praying for healing for his dad and total restoration…also praying for family as they wrestle with uncertainty of the situation. If you read this, stop right now and pray for them.

Big Congrats for Satisfry as he and his wife are expecting their first baby in August. Prayers for his wife and the baby during the pregnancy, for healthy growth and perfect development.

Like we said, there is something in the F3 water. Watch out boys!

That’s all I’ve got fellas. Once again, honored to be able to lead and work beside each of you. Was a gorgeous morning and we more to be thankful for than we could ever imagine. Don’t forget that through the day, even the hard parts. Be grateful, be generous, and serve others.

Mab Mab

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