Wet Wabbits

  • Workout Date - 09/28/2022
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Clearly the rain scared the Swamp Rabbit PAX into fartsacking. The 5 guys who showed up got their money’s worth.

The Thang:

SSH x30
Merkins x12
IW x25

Up the hill forward, down the hill backwards, 5 sumo squats at starting line (each time) – totalling 8 reps

Modified Jacobs ladder to 7
Bear crawl up and down hill, merkins at the bottom

Reverse lunges, 5 each leg
Prison squat jumps x10
Side lunge with knee-ups, 5 each leg
Pivot squats x10 each side

Partner core
Plank high fives x10, repeato 3x
Push downs x12, repeato 3x
Arched sit ups (partner planks while holding down other person’s feet)

30yd Lateral shuffle with super burpees
Run light pole to light pole performing a super burpee at each light pole (super burpee = Burpee push-up, Mtn climber x4, star jump) x10

Out/in Merkins x9 repeato
Spider-Man merkins x5 each side
Rocking chair merkins x10 repeato

LBC x15 normal speed and x15 dbl time
Rosalita x15 normal speed and x15 dbl time
Slutter x10
Dolly x20
Bicycle x25

Naked Moleskin:

Great morning in the gloom as the rain held off, for the most part.
Bear crawl and 30yd lateral shuffle were favorites this morning.


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  1. I may be making a pit stop in Spartanburg Friday night, on the way to Columbia Saturday. Curious about where the pre-launch mumblechatter occurs. I have never been to Legacy Park and just need to know where the parking is. Google maps takes me to what I think is the main entrance? If we decide to make the pit stop and the drive to Columbia on Saturday, then I will plan on seeing you guys the following week. Aye!

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