Wet morning in the dark corner

  • Workout Date - 10/28/2015
  • Q In Charge - Biofreeze, Wally, iTunes, Perry Mason
  • The PAX - Biofreeze, Wally, iTunes, Perry Mason
  • AO -

YHC had a wonderful workout planned for the Dark Corner but it’s a bit too wet for that and too few men showed up for it, so a quick change of plans resulted in the following performed somewhat under cover:


20 SSH IC;

10 Merkins IC

Grab 2 water-filled mild jugs for 10 reps IC of each of the following: Bicep curls, forward shoulder raises, tricep extension, then bent-over reverse curls

The rain let up a bit so mosey to the playground for AMRAP pull-ups then over to the picnic shelter for 20 dips and 10 derkins

Back to the covered walkway to rinse and repeat the above milk jug exercises with an opportunity for the PAX to add in an exercise as follows:

Lunge walk carrying jugs for a total of about 50 yards

10 Overhead tricep extension with the jug IC

Walking military press squats stopping at each post (about 25 reps)

Single arm rows with jugs 30 both sides

Derkins (10)

7s with 7 reps lower half of bicep curls, 7 reps upper half of curl, and 7 reps full curl

Bench press x25 reps

LBCs x 25 with jugs

Rain slows again so out to the playground for more pull-ups – first round AMRAP OYO then partner assisted AMRAP

Back to the walkway find a bench for AMRAP dips and AMRAP derkins then rinse and repeat the first set of exercises with the jugs and add


Freddie Mercuries 20 IC

Erectors 20 IC

Dying cockroach 20 IC

Small crowd but great workout. Remember prayers from the COT.

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