Wet day at Legacy

  • Workout Date - 11/07/2015
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - Punchout, Certus, THE Tickler, White Walker, Earthmover
  • AO -

I suppose all the Clemson and FSU PAX were already pregaming for the #biggestgameinthehistoryofhistory because a small team of 5 pax showed for #legacy on a wet and rainy Saturday. Tclaps to Punchout for the double down.

No official Q so YHC took the reins.

Arm circles

Mosey around for a minute to the wall near the playground. 20 dips OYO
Head back for the comfort and safety of the picnic shelter for 21s

Pretty simple:
21 HR Merkins
21 WWII situps

head over to the wall by the #placewecallfern

4 minutes:
100 SSH
Max Squats
4 minutes:
80 DC dollies #ouch
Max Lunges

Head back to shelter
from inside shelter bear crawl to wall +-10 yds backwards bear crawl back
side lunge to wall and back

each Pax took a turn
Freddy Mercs
Heels to Heaven
8 count man makers from Punchout #what??
One more from Certus #brainlock

Prayers for Tickler’s M and upcoming surgery
Knoxville, Savannah, Augusta big bang

Always a pleasure


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