Wet and weird at the #Pitchfork

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  • Workout Date - 12/22/2015
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Bambi, Thumper, Whisper (respect!), M.O., Sammy, Soccer Mom, Short Barrel, Floppy Disc, ATM (YHC)
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YHC promised 4 things for the #Pitchfork Pax this AM.

  1. Weird
  2. Wet
  3. Hard
  4. Coffee courtesy of the Q

YHC believes that all 4 goals were achieved for the 9 pax that circled up and said #noCantore to the weather report.  As @Whisper appeared out of the rain, we realized that he COULD workout without khakis…but honestly, it was weird.  TClaps to @Shortbarrel for posting in his 2nd rain storm in the first 2 weeks.  Dude is committed.  Conditions:  Gloomy, rainy, temp was chilly but perfect.  Here is what went down:

Warm up – SSH x 30 IC, HB x 25 IC, Moroccan Night Club x 50 IC.  This created a lot of #mumblechatter about the validity of this “wrist warm up” according to @Bambi.  #Mumblechatter was greatly reduced as the shoulder burn crept in around rep 40.  Let’s take a big mosey around the school and back to the parking lot.

COP – Tempo Merkins x 20 IC, Tempo LBCs x 30 IC, Copperhead squats x 20 IC, Burpees x 10 OYO, Big Boy Sit Ups x 25 OYO, Smurf Jacks (of course!) x 20 IC.  @FloppyDisc wins the #mumblechatter award for this morning, with his best @Footloose impersonation during the BBSU.

To the parking lot for some cone work.  Pax all lined up at the first cone.  Lunge walk to the first cone (about 25 lunges), perform 10 burpees.  Reverse lunge walk back (#crowdpleaser), perform 10 burpees.  Run to the far cone (about 50 yards), perform 25 squats.  Backwards run all the way back, perform 25 squats.  Hold Al Gore for the 6.  TClaps to @SoccerMom, @Thumper, and @Sammy for being the rabbits.

COP #2 – Peter Parker Merkins x 10 IC (#sucktastic), Monkey Humpers x 20 IC, Gorilla Humpers x 15 IC.  Another #crowdpleaser and #pitchforkweird approved Gorilla Humpers.  Burn was in the hammies.

Back to the cones.  Duck walk about 25 yards to first cone, perform 25 merkins.  Duck walk back, perform 25 merkins.  Run to the far cone, perform 25 merkins.  Run back, perform 25 merkins.  TClaps to @Sammy for pushing the pax on the last round and to @SoccerMom and @M.O. for being right there as rabbits.  Plank for the 6.

6MOM – Tempo LBCs x 30 IC, LBCs x 30 IC, Rosie x 20 IC.

Announcements – GH convergence tomorrow.  Clown Car from Java Bistro at 0430.  Be there.

Prayer and Praise – all those dealing with depression this holiday season.  Greg Gibbons.

8 men made it to #coffeeteria for some java and fellowship.  Good to see more guys taking advantage of this 2nd F opportunity, especially during school breaks when schedules tend to be more flexible.

Always a pleasure.  SYITG,


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