We're Here to Pump….. You Up

  • Workout Date - 12/02/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Spandex, FootLoose, Homeward Bound, Kilowatt, Almond Joy, iTunes, Grrrr, Carcass, NSA, BioFreeze, Erector, Field of Dreams, Rolodex, Kindergarten Cop, Fred Thompson, Blue Hawaii, Highwayman, Wally, Cockroach, Iceman
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21 Men posted at #TheStation not expecting a cameo from these guys hanz and franz

@BlueHawaii trying to #Qjack my workout from the get go…..

We’re gonna warmup over here, so don’t follow Blue
Plankjacks x15 (IC) straight into…..
Merkins x10 (IC) straight into…..
Lot’s of #mumblechatter from Hanz and Franz….er….Blue and NSA. Complaining about any and everything….talking incoherently. Quite funny..actually

Mosey down Jason St, left on Cannon, left into the park and then left into the amphitheater. Yes I know that was the long way….you’ll thank me later…

Line up facing the amphitheater seats
Dan Taylor going up the seats – 1 squat jump : 4 lunges, 2:8, 3:12 up to 8:32 The #mumblechatter was deafening….at first but eerily quiet when we got back down….
At the top LBC’s x15 (IC) and Flutters x 15 (slow count IC)
Going back down we did Jack Webb – 1 derkin : 4 air presses, 2:8, 3:12 up to 8:32 #smokedshoulders Lot’s of extra time in the plank position as we waited for Hanz and Franz to get into position

Mosey to the corner of Poinsett and Cannon St’s – form 2 lines for an Indian Run. Guy at the front drops and does 10 american hammers (counting both sides as 1 rep) then sprints to catch the back of the line. We ran down Cannon to Arlington then u-turned back up Cannon and around the park and into the grassy area between the amphitheater and City Hall

Partner up
P1 – big boy sit ups x20
P2 – plank on P1’s feet
flapjack and repeato

Erectors x15 – @BioFreeze with the quick tutorial on proper form – Thx!
Dolly’s x13 (feet at 45*)
Plank for 1 min


Naked Moleskin
– While today’s workout was total body, the main focus was core. Often over looked but ever important….
– Despite claims of a #conspiracy between the Major and I, I did claim the Q before Hanz and Franz
– Hanz and Franz had the #mumblechatter going today. The Mayor did as well. And while they think it irritates me, it doesn’t…..that’s what makes working out at 0530 fun. And is part of the #secretsauce for #fellowship
– #TheStation continues to grow – numbers consistently in the high teens and low twenties. Getting close to #problematic

– Michelin 5k this Sat, 8/20. Only $8
– 2 yr anny beatdown for the Station on Sat 8/27 – be there!!
– Swamp Rabbit Golf tourney is scheduled for Oct – more details forthcoming

– @iTunes – Kleinfelter family
– @Blue Hawaii – friends daughter Gracie
– @Grrr – Father In Law
– @FootLoose – Mom
– @Erector – family
– Lady passing through during COT – her sister Laura Jane

See ya in the gloom…..


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