We'll Call You Harry

  • Workout Date - 12/11/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Spongebob, Weedwacker, Caviar, Spackler, Dollywood, Stewie, Double Windsor (WD), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Soup, Clip On, SanDiago, Dunphy, Holla, iceman
  • AO -

14 guys posted at #MainThang for their daily #downPAINment. @Spongebob raised the bar via twitter Monday night by telling the PAX “bring your big boy pants” so I knew I had to #dropthehammer

The Thang:

Imperial Walkers x20
Derkins x12 – slow count cadence
Box jumps x20 oyo
LBC’s x20

@Dunphy had the IW rhythm all jacked up (way too fast) which led @SanDiago to comment “it was the first time he’d done IW’s”……….(because he’s habitually tardy to workouts so misses the warmup) #nailedit
Also during the warmup we had a #curiousonlooker who circled in front of the PC several times. As we finished up the warmup we asked if he wanted to join us. Someone commented that it was a 45min workout and he responded with “I’ve got 4 to 5 mins”……..Hilarity ensued…..

Mosey to the Poinsett Parking Deck. Once we get there I ask the #flyingheadlock his name. He had a thick asian accent but I’m pretty sure he said Harry. #surenotsure

We ascended the deck by alternating between – backwards run and carioca (L&R). We did this twice then planked til the 6 caught up. Resumed the circuit until the 2nd to last ramp before the top.

Partner up – wheelbarrow merkins
P1 – wheelbarrow as far as you can up the ramp, then 10 merkins.

Once at the top of the ramp – Catch Me if You Can (using the same circuit – backwards and Carioca (L&R) until your partner caught you. Once caught, 5 Bobby Hurleys, then sprint to catch your partner. Somewhere during the CMIYC, “Harry” left us, but not before taking a few photos. We hit the last 2 ramps, around the top and all the way back down.

Time to head back towards the PC. We made our way to the small parking lot off Broad St (beside the PC).

P1 – 15 wall muscle ups
P2 – russian twists until P1 done

Once done, both partners run to the PC Amphitheater seats
P1 – 16 bulgarian split squats
P2 – dollys until P1 done

Repeat that circuit one more time

Then mosey to the #railsbytheriver
P1 – 10 supine pullups
P2 – 10 merkins
continue this, dropping 1 rep each round #crowdpleaser

Climb the steps to Main St – #SugarRays in the back, #Butterbeans in the front, then AYG back to the flag. Despite being in the back, @Dollywood zoomed to the front and reached the flag first.

Time for 1MOM – backscratchers.


Naked Moleskin
– @Weedwacker knows how to #humanwheelbarrow. The dude was blazing fast
– Not as fast a @Dollywood is running backwards
– I’m not clear why “Harry” was in Greenville (work or pleasure) but wished he’d stuck around for #nameOrama. No doubt would have been #epic
– It was a rare day when both @Dunphy (aka ’15 Drifter Champ) and @DoubleWindsor / @Clipon #Zimmerclan were on time #iveseenitall
– The rail work was definitely not a crowd favorite…

– @Spongebob’s #MilleniumBlueFalcon is tentively scheduled for 5/14. More to come.
– F3 is partnering with #GideonsHouse and #HomesofHope for HOG day on 4/30. Bring your kids for the F3Dads workout and stay for some community service. Preblast here — http://f3nation.com/2016/03/22/pre-blast-greenville-hog-day-and-f3dads-event/

See ya in the gloom…..


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