Welcome to the Jungle

  • Workout Date - 01/17/2017
  • Q In Charge - T-bag
  • The PAX - T-bag, Duplo, Slug, Youkilis, Little Engine, I Try, Steamer
  • AO -

It was a surprisingly warm morning in Williamston SC. Just what we needed for todays SOS boot camp. 7 showed up for this:


  • SSH IC x 30
  • Windmill IC x 10
  • IW IC x 15


Mosey around the stage for a wall of fire. Everyone sits on the wall while we take turns doing 10 merkins.

Mosey to a shelter for some abb workouts

Mosey to the basketball court for suicides x2


Mosey to another shelter for 11’s (Squats & Step-ups)

Mosey to another shelter (there are a lot of shelters at SOS) for a Jack Web but with dips and Air-Presses. We got 3/4th of the way thru it and decided to take a break.

Mosey back to the basketball court for another round of suicides

Mosey back to the shelter to finish off the Jack Web

Mosey to another shelter (there really is a lot of shelters) for Marry – People’s choice


Prayer Requests:

  • T-Bags Sister – battling Cancer
  • Brown short’s Mom just had open heart surgery.

T-bag out

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