Welcome to Erector…do you have a nickname?!

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  • Workout Date - 09/22/2015
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Thumper, Tedediah, Nature Boy (respect!), Soccer Mom, Hulk Smash (respect!), Pretty Lovin' Guy, Cool Breeze, Dr. Phil, M.O., Sammy, Whisper (respect!), The Situation, Hooch (hate!), Church Lady, Sticky (respect!), Erector, Spring Break, Bambi, ATM (YHC)
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The Pitchfork Flag was planted on a beautiful fall morning and 19 #HIM got better.  After watching my Gamecocks get blasted 52-20 by the M’s Leg Humpers Saturday night, YHC had some issues to work out in the gloom this morning.  The Pitchfork regulars welcomed Erector and Spring Break from the Station into the gloom this AM, and it didn’t take long for things to get #pitchfork weird.

Church Lady (to Erector):  Hey, I’m Bill, Church Lady.  What’s your name?
Erector:  Erector
Church Lady:  Cool, do you have an F3 nickname?
#ummmmm #what?!

Anywho, here is what went down after that exchange:

Warm up – SSH x 32 IC (cause we lost by 32 points!!), HB x 20 IC (we only scored 20!), and Reach High and Under Merkins x 10 IC.  Let’s mosey to the track.

Thang 1:  Double Applesauce modified Indian Run.  Pax at front of both lines break formation and perform 20 LBCs, then sprint to catch back of the line.  We did this until all pax had sprinted 2x.  This was a little over a mile according to the pax who keep track of that stuff.  #runnersareweird

Thang 2:  4 stations equally spread around the track.  5k pace between cones, so not a jailbreak, but much more than a mosey.  At each station, perform an exercise.

Lap 1 = 5 burpees at each station.  20 burpees total (cause we only scored…nevermind).  Plank for the 6.  TClaps to Erector for leading plankorama while waiting on the 6.
Lap 2 = 10 BB sit-ups at each station.  40 BB sit-ups total.

Let’s move to the wall for a Wall of Fire.  Pax wall sitting while first 2 pax break formation and perform 32 merkins (cause…well, you get the picture).  Repeato until all pax have merkined.  Back to the track.

Lap 3 = 20 squats at each station.  80 squats total.  #numblegs

Back to the flag for 6MOM:

Superman/Banana on YHC’s call.  #crowdpleaser
LBCs x 32 IC

ThirdF tmmr at Java Bistro 0600.  BYOB.  Floppy Disk on the Q.
F3 for Hope Relay Race organized by Ricky Bobby.  5k team race with pain stations.  Looking for 1-2 from every AO.  Joint with FIA.  November 14th at Kroc Center.   Talk to Erector.

Praise for Hulk’s travel
Pray for Lilly.  #lillystrong

Always a pleasure to lead you men in the gloom,



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