Welcome to Burpee Island

  • Workout Date - 10/21/2014
  • Q In Charge - Play-Doh
  • The PAX - Erector, Wee Wee, Lizard Lick, Doofenshmirtz, Bio Freeze, Whamo, iTunes, Blue Hawaii, Grrr, Play-Doh and 2 FNG: Adidas & SpringBreak
  • AO -

12 Pax joined a War Eagle for his VQ this morning on a trip to Burpee Island for games of BALL. During our stay we had excursions to Stairway of Heaven, Wall O’Pain and The Alley. Plenty of Mosey along the way. 2 FNG ( welcome Spring Break & Adidas! ) joined in the Gloom to get stronger!. Thanks to Erector and Blue Hawaii for keeping the cadence when needed!

Warm Up:

SSH x 20 IC; IW x 15 IC; Merkin x10 IC

The Thang:

Mosey down around the lake and to the gazebo (Burpee Island)- Entrance on and off the island comes in the form of a ticket (10 Burpees on, 10 Burpees off).  During our stays on Burpee Island we played ball for 3 sets each visit.  Ball consists of 2 small soccer balls. 1 ball labeled with various forms of PAIN management (SSH, Merkin, Burpee, LBC, Billy Idol, PAX choice…). 2nd ball labeled with length of each PAIN session ( 1, 10, 20, 25, 50..).  PAX toss the balls to each other for audible instruction. We visited Burpee Island 3 times.

Stairway to Heaven:

After departure from Burpee Island we took a mosey around the lake to the main stairs for a little Joe Hendrix – 10 Merkin at the top of the stairs mosey to the Gym, down the steep stairs to the lower parking lot – 10 merkin then Joe Hendrix back up and mosey to Burpee Island. (Note: due to the steep grade of the second stairs and the tight quarters- there was an audible to a Jailbreak up the stairs for those PAX not already Joe Hendrix’d up.  PAX was greeted  again at Burpee Island with Burpees and 3 sets of BALL.

Wall O’PAIN:

Following our second trip to Burpee Island the PAX to a Mosey around the lake again to the wall at the lower parking lot.  The PAX had a seat at the Peoples Chair for 1 minute, hands out front. Without rest the PAX immediately moved to Ballz to the Wall position for additional minute- Once the light headedness kicked in, it was time to mosey back to Burpee Island for 3 sets of BALL.

The Alley:

After paying our last exit ticket on Burpee Island the PAX took a mosey up hill to the gateway of the park. After resting our legs with 30 dips, the PAX formed 2 lines and did lunges down the walkway and mosey back to to start for more Merkins.  Followed by Bearcrawl down the Alley and a mosey back for 30 more dips.

The Thang wrapped up with an Indian run from the Alley back for 6 min of Mary.

6 Minutes of Mary:

Erectors x 15, Cockroach x 10 each side, Plank-O-Rama, Spicoli x10


Movember – Consider no shave November with the Swamp Rabbit PAX to raise awareness of Men’s Health issues, sign up on the Swamp Rabbit website.

Prayers:  Please pray for Andy Wade and his family, Andy is a local guy with HVAC business, had a fall this weekend cutting his leg, while in hospital doctors found a large brain tumor.  Andy is under strong steroid and radiation treatment in effort to shrink the tumor. At this point biopsy and surgery are not options due to location on the brain. Andy has a wife and couple kids.

Pray for No Strings Attached uncle, Bill Bomar, who is in the final stages of colon cancer- very difficult for the family.

Pray for Tim Bright’s widow and family.  She is having a very difficult time and needs all prayer and support.

Praise for Wig on the birth of second baby late last week.

Thanks for all the PAX that supported me on my VQ!


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