Welcome back q

  • Workout Date - 02/02/2016
  • Q In Charge - Biofreeze
  • The PAX - Cockroach, Clippers, Stitch, Highway man, Almond Joy, Slick Willy, Erector, Alfred, Grr, Spring Break, No Bars, Mr. Head
  • AO -

It’s been awhile since I grabbed a q and I’ve missed several workouts lately so let’s see how this thing goes:



10 slow count merkins IC

20 squats IC

Main thang:

Mosey to lower parking lot and partner up: partner one does every other line suicide while partner two does AMRAP merkins. Switch.

Mosey up to Arlington and Cannon and partner up again for catch me if you can with 5 squats when caught. Running up to Poinset.

Woohoo…only 30 minutes to go!

Train – 10 burpees

Mosey to back side of amphitheater for squat builder to 10 squats.

Mosey to bottom of amphitheater: 10 dips, 10 merkins, 10 step ups up to the fifth level.

Mosey to the downhill road leading to picnic pavilion: Lt. Dan down the hill. Ended up with 5 squats and 20 lunges.

Divided up into 4 groups: group one AMRAP pull-ups, group two AMRAP dips, group three AMRAP bench presses under the picnic tables, group four 10 split leg squats per leg with one foot on the bench. Rotate through all stations.

Bear crawl to center of circle for 6 MOM done by going around the circle (not sure I’m remembering all of it)

10 heels to heaven IC, 25LBCs, 20 DC flutters, 40 back scratchers, 10 merkins IC, 5 diamond merkins, 20 partner-less leg throws, 20 erectors IC.

COT: friend of highway man who has meningitis and may not survive and he’s in his 20s, Gabby Mylander, Drifter this weekend.

Naked moleskin: felt good to be back and to see some new faces! I enjoyed the mumble chatter from the pax about my workouts…hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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