Welcome Back

  • Workout Date - 11/03/2016
  • Q In Charge - 00 (Double Aught)
  • The PAX - Radar, Hard Hat, Earthmover, Zip It, Slapchot, Stuart Smalley, Boss Hogg, Fridge, Billy Ray, Bill Nye, Noonan, 00
  • AO -

Conditions: 58 degrees and slightly cloudy.

Warmup: No warm up. Ain’t got no time for that.

Thang: Run 0.85 miles to the back end of the Kingsgate neighborhood to the bottom of Heartbreak Hill. During this short run, Hard Hat begins complaining that he came for a boot camp and not a run. This was solely attributed to his lack of character and the fact that he somehow finished MOO U.

20 merkins and 20 deep squats. Hustle up to the top of Heartbreak Hill, about 0.2 miles and 100 feet of elevation gain. Pure loveliness. Plank for 1 minute. Run down to the bottom of Heartbreak Hill and repeat.

Prior to the start, I had planned on doing this the entire 45 minutes. It became apparent that Mutiny would occur, and I made a Leader’s choice to run back 0.85 miles to The Burbs and resume a more normal workout.

Go to the pull up bars. Crank out 10 Pull-Ups. Then do flutters while everyone else Cycles through. Mosey to the Joe stairs. Again, Hard Hat makes thinly veiled threats to my person. If I were worried, I would have reported these threats, but the only thing you need to do to avoid physical contact with Hard Hat is to stand next to Radar while Radar sports the silkies. I don’t know why Hard Hat fears the silkies. No matter what exercise I called, Radar somehow seem to be doing dollies somewhere in the region of Hard Hat’s face.

One round of Joe. People’s chair while you wait. After everyone has gone through, merkins in Cadence. Another round of Joe. People’s chair while you wait. Cycle through. Lunge walk through the speedbumps and some ab work on the end. Lunge walk back the other way for a final round of Joe. At some point therein, there was the call for the “hello there.” Hard Hat again abstained from this activity because he is a miscreant and general ne’er-do-well. Run back to the bars for all you can do pullups.

Back to the circle in time for some flutters and 6 inches. Over 2 miles covered in all. Well done.

It was good to be back at The Burbs and see a good crowd at The Burbs. Now that I am thoroughly demoralized from the Spinx Marathon, I feel inspired to resume boot camps and never run again. Kotters to YHC, Radar, and Zip It. Good to meet the Fridge and some of the other members of The Burbs that I haven’t seen.

Announcements included the Toys for Tots convergence on Thursday as well as the turkey day convergence. Make all the AOs great again. Pray for Hard Hat’s brother and family coming back from Africa from missions work.

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  1. I specifically wore the official USMC exercise attire to help motivate (little h)hard hat. I even stayed next to him the entire workout to make him feel safe. Not only is he incapable of motivation, but he resorted to threats of violence and destruction of personal property. Sad, really.

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