Weirdos Everywhere

  • Workout Date - 04/01/2017
  • Q In Charge - Mint Julep
  • The PAX - Thumper, LOB, Squints, Whittle (Respect x2), Padre, Obama, Cocoon, Washer, Benign, Church Lady, Pine Tar, Deflated (Respect), Earth Mover, Road Trip, Floppy Disk, Mint Julep, Whisper (Respect), Bambi, Easy Bake, Master Tonic, 3rd Base
  • AO -

Mission statement – Nailed it
Disclaimer – Sort of, but I’m not a professional so there

As I was coming up with the winkie for this April Fool’s day Q I was trying to be witty and try and figure out a way to fool everyone but quickly realized I am not that witty and it was a stupid idea! So YHC changed it up and decided that if you showed up for this Q you were a fool in doing so!!! It got Pitchfork weird as PAX were scattered all over Five Forks this glorious Saturday morning.
7 (Thumper, 3rd Base, LOB, Squints, Whittle, Padre & YHC) headed out early for a 4+ mile ruck, 2 (Easy Bake & Master Tonic) headed out early for a 13ish mile run, 1 (Road Trip) went for a McDonalds pre-run, 2 (Whisper & Bambi) choose wisely and ran 6+ miles instead of the WO & 1 (Obama) showed up out of nowhere for a solo post run. Oh and 71 year old Whittle was going to run a 5k after he rucked and posted this morning…what’s your excuse?

Let’s get to it!

Windmills x 20
Hillbillies x 20
Arm circles

Mosey to shed & drop blocks off at the big track. Head to the playground & partner up.

Partners do individual count SSH between sets and partner up for combined total on the exercises.

50 SSH single count each
50 pull-ups total as team
40 SSH single count each
100 Merkins total as a team
30 SSH single count each
150 single count lunges as a steam
20 SSH single count each
200 flutters single count total
10 SSH single count each

Head to blocks at track, stay w/ partners

P1 planks it up as P2 moves the block around the track in mysterious ways. Flip flop all the way around the track. Crowd pleaser!

P1 – plank it up
P2 – hair burner 25 steps, 10 OH presses, bear crawl block pull, 25 steps. P1 run to P2 & switch

All the long way around the track…Done. That was hard.

Mosey with blocks back to shed & change them out for some tires and sand bags. Floppy took a power nap on the sidewalk then rose from the dead!

Get tires and 2 sand bags. 1st person rolls the tire with the sandbags in it until the next person in line does (5) deadlifts with other tire. 1st person then takes a lap around the track.

After first round we switched the dead lift for (3) tire flips.

Ended up rolling the tire around the track twice I think and flipping the tire around the track once. Need to go heavier on the sandbags…until next time.

Tires up back to the flags & stay with partner

P1 – plank hold on sidewalk
P2 – lateral bear crawl across the bus lane and back

3x each and on to Mary

Leg raises x 20
Dying Cockroaches x 20

That’s it. Great work by all.

SMR looking for 2, Reedy River 5/10k, 5/20 Mud Run, 6/10 Go Ruck

Prayer requests
Friends w/cancer, sick people everywhere

As always it has been a pleasure leading and having good laughs with you weirdos! God Bless!

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