Weathering the Weather

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  • Workout Date - 11/09/2015
  • Q In Charge - No Strings Attached
  • The PAX - Wilson, Earthmover, Iceman, NSA, Blue Hawaii
  • AO -

After calling in sick the previous Monday, YHC got strong-armed by Earthmover to make up for the lost Q. Of course, the Lord decided to bless the PAX with similar conditions as the previous Monday (cold rain). Not surprisingly, YHC showed up to find only those who had expressly HC’d on twitter and Wilson (implicit HC when not DR).


– 20 Imperial Walkers, IC
– 20 Goof Balls, IC
– 20 Mountain Climbers, IC


10 merkins, IC, under the front awning

Run down to the right, all the way to the bottom of the parking lot, plank waiting on 6, 15 donkey kicks

Run behind church and up hill to the right to the tables under the awning of the newest building, goof balls waiting on 6, 20 DC step-ups

Run up the hill back to the front awning, fairy jacks waiting on 6

Rinse and Repeato until 6:09 (maybe 8 laps?)


-20 LBCs, IC
-20 Freddie Murcurys, iC
-20 Flutters, IC
-20 Erectors, IC
-20 Big Boys, OYO


– Apparently YHC had a case of the Mondays, as pointed out by the “cool kids” (Iceman and Blue Hawaii). “No Iceman, the PAX will not switch to diamond merkins”; “yes, the PAX will do another lap until YHC says stop.”

-Tclaps to Wilson who pushed it the whole workout. YHC started to slow down after a few laps. Wilson got faster. He devoured any reps and hills in his way until finally YHC had enough and called for Mary. YHC was in awe of the display of manliness as the sideways, windblown rain deflected off of Wilson’s grizzly and determined face while he powered through the workout. As the PAX said their goodbyes and hopped back into the comfort of their vehicles, he faded back into the darkness, his stride invulnerable to the stinging rain. YHC never liked the rain until he ran through it with Wilson.

-Seriously though, Tclaps to the PAX that showed up; it really kinda sucked.


-Hope Relay on Saturday
-Prayers for bros needing support from stresses at work and at home

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