We will run 5000 miles and he will run 5000 more

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  • Workout Date - 12/20/2021
  • Q In Charge - Roadtrip
  • The PAX - Whisper (R), Bambi (R), Barney (R), Sushi (R), Dexter, Goose Egg, Hawkeye, Peekaboo, Benign, Aardvark (R), Handrail, Master T, Flo (R), Turtle Wax, Dr Phil, Cockpit, Red Ryder, Church Lady (R), Pine Tar, Cyclone, T Hopper, Roadtrip
  • AO - Course Corrected

It was July 14, 2014 when some guy in cargo shorts showed up at Pitchfork with a few other guys who called themselves F3.  Aside from chasing rabbits and squirrels in what is now Five Forks Plantation as a kid, he had never run a mile, at least not for fun. ATM, Bambi, Barney and Sushi were a few who wondered if he would ever come back as they drug him around the track like a puppy on a leash. Ironically, we haven’t seen ATM in two years. 

He quietly told a little about himself and from that day forward he would be known as “Whisper.”  This was also a time when FNG’s were given cool names. But little did they know, 6 1/2 years later, he would not only outlast most of them, but also roll 5000 miles on the Ole McDonald farmhand chassis and finally found a use for those blocks he’d been hauling around in his truck.

He slowly added miles, eventually setting a goal of completing a 1/2 marathon and trained many non-runner PAX along the way, YHC included. He has now completed many 5Ks, 10Ks, P200s and additional 1/2 marathons.  After dialing it back a little in 2021, he is ready to take on another 1/2 in February 2022. So if you are new to running or want to start running more (Red Ryder) his training schedule is starting now and he will have you ready by February. Challenge yourself in 2022 and come run it with us.  The cheese grits at the finish line are amazing. Just ask Church Lady. 

Fast forward 2351 days to Dec 20, 2021 where 22 PAX, donned in the trademark Whisper neon yellow jersey, braved the sub-Church temperatures to help The Whisp chase down the monumental mile.  The route was the 1.3 mile Brookfield Parkway loop which includes the beloved and unforgiving Butterbean Hill.  It allowed the newbies or those on the IR list to take a pit stop as needed.  Rabbits could run ahead, but had to buy-in with 15 burpees at each left turn, so no takers.  Urban has left the conversation.

Whisper led the group at a welcomed conversational pace because typically by the time he reaches his conversation pace, there is no one around to talk to. As the odometer flipped from 4999 at 6:03am, Whisper planted a small utility flag and we discreetly tagged the street with “WH-ISP 50+00” to document this historical accomplishment. From this day forward, an Emergency Burpee while yelling out “5000 sir” is required for any PAX passing this location to commemorate this occasion. 

The 5 mile run was cut short in honor of Short Barrel. No coffeteria as this coffee shop doesn’t open till 8. #Ozark. But Griswold signature Holiday refreshments were provided by B9, which is to be continued at B9’s house, with bourbon.  

Don’t envy us, come be us. All paces and endurance levels are welcome. Come see Church Lady get hazed by our resident track coach, Sushi. 

MON 0530 @ Crave Coffee (unofficial AO) – 4/5 mile run

WED 0530 @ Java Bistro (Official AO – F3 Course Corrected) – Alternate weekly b/t sprints and hills. 

FRI 0530 @ Java Bistro (Official AO – F3 Course Corrected) – 4/5 mi run, with fast finish

SAT 0530 @ Pitchfork – Longer Runs, b/t 6-13 miles. PAX typically start together then break off in different mileage/pace groups.

SUN 0515 @ Burlington Coat Factory on Laurens Rd (unofficial AO) – 5 mile shake-out (recovery) run. Slow pace, perfect for beginners. (Red Ryder)

The Whisper Mile OG
Whisper (R), Bambi (R), Barney (R), Sushi (R)

The Wingmen
Dexter, Goose Egg, Hawkeye, Peekaboo, Benign, Aardvark (R), Handrail, Master T, Flo (R), Turtle Wax, Dr Phil, Cockpit, Red Ryder, Church Lady (R), Pine Tar, Cyclone, Roadtrip and special appearance by T Hopper.

A pleasure, RT out. #FreeBritany