We run so we can eat

  • Workout Date - 12/26/2015
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Quaker, Gluten, Mr Burns, Red Wire, Don Ho, Carl's Jr, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

Carl’s Jr and Brown Shorts lit the PowderKeg Fuse with a slow mosey warmup. ¬†We were shortly joined by Gluten and then Quaker. We would get in 2-4 miles depending on how many laps you made. Our figure 8 course is exactly 1 mile. 3 more would join us for YHCs ab and arm burner. The men joke that the coffeeteria at Chick-fil-A is what keeps them coming back. Let’s go earn our breakfast.


SSH, MC, IW x 25 IC

Mosey to brick pile for 21 guns. 7 half curls, 7 half to chest, 7 full range with a hold out in between each. 7 overhead presses, 7 tricep extensions, 7 upright rows. Rinse and repeat!

Mosey to basketball court. 20 Dips on the benches IC. 20 incline ‘Mericans IC.

Mosey to front of church to find some dry asphalt. Captain Thor. 1 sit-up: 4 American hammers up to 10:40. Abs are screaming!

People’s Chair for 1:30 with Karate Kid wax on wax off arm circles. Second round with overhead claps and air presses. Balls to the Wall for 20 Hip slappers OYO.

Mosey to potato masher parking lot. Sprint 80% then walk around the ends and repeat down the parallel lot. 5 total sprints. Circle up for 20 Sumo Squats IC.

Lunge walk ~30 yards, turn left, bear crawl to bottom of the stairs.

Joe Hendrix three tiers and crab walk in between each. Hold 6 inches to wait on the PAX.

Flutters, LBC, LHC left and right, reverse crunch all x 25 IC.

Mosey the long way back to the flag.

6 inches, Dollies, up slow to Rosalita, stay up for Dying Cockroach all x 20 IC and feet never touch the ground.

Plankorama right and left, 10 plank Dips IC, 10 ‘Mericans to end it.

January 23 Convergence with Rock Hill at Star Command for Padre(West) send off. Drifter coming up. Clemson on the radar.

Prayers were asked for family members and friends. Remember those we lost this year.

Always a pleasure to join my brothers in the GLOOM!

Brown Shorts


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