We need to do more merkins….

  • Workout Date - 02/16/2016
  • Q In Charge - Biofreeze
  • The PAX - Grr, iTunes, Cockroach, Almond Joy, Stitch, Perry Mason, Slick Willy
  • AO -



10 merkins IC

15 Imperial walkers IC

The main thang:

Mosey down to the lake carefully…several slips and near falls on the icy sidewalks and partner up. Grab a bench swing for swerkins done IC: down on one, up on two, knees in on three, knees out for the rep. Nobody counted…likely 12 reps.

Mosey to the center island for pull-up, merkin multiplier up to 4 pull-ups and 16 merkins

Mosey up Cannon to the intersection with Arlington: 20 squats OYO

Mosey up Arlington, across Main, and to the church for some block work…oh wait, the blocks are iced together! New plan:

Dora in the church parking lot:

100 merkins, 200 lunges, 300 reps (150 squats and 150 heel raises) Holy burning calves, Batman!

Merkin wheel around the parking lot island: twice to the right and twice to the left with 5 merkins at each direction change

Mosey back towards the Station and stop at Jason and Cannon street for 16 merkins as it was the 16 merkins that made the group stop the pull-up merkin multiplier – we obviously aren’t doing enough merkins at The Station any more!

Down to the picnic shelter for 20 dips IC

TRAIN – 10 burpees and that brings us to


20 LBCs IC

25 back scratchers IC

15 heels to heaven IC

10 erectors IC with both feet on the ground, 10 erectors IC with the right leg only; 10 erectors IC with the left leg only; and 10 more erectors with both feet on the ground.

That’s all the time we have for today, folks!

COT: Praise for F3 group in general and specifically for the Station for the encouragement and accountability, for the representation in the community, and for those that represented The Station at the convergence on Saturday.


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