• Workout Date - 02/20/2017
  • Q In Charge - Quickie
  • The PAX - Brown Shorts,Shiner,Duplo,Red Wire(Respect),Carl's jr (Respect), Gluten (Respect),Boomhauer(Respect) and YHC
  • AO -

There wasn’t a Q spot on the calendar for my B-day so I figured with Trump being the 45th POTUS and YHC turning 45 I would take today.
45 Goofballs that’s enough we got work to do!Lunge walk to the bottom of the steps 75-100 yards. Who’s counting?
9 reps of burpees,squats,Merkins and DC flutters and hit the steps for 9 flights only counting the UPS
8 reps and steps
7 reps and steps you get the picture
Down to 1
That’s 45 reps of each!
Then a slowsy(me with a Ruck on) to the block pile for my AMRAP b-day party
Curls for the Girls(Girls from Licensed to ill) the longest 2 minutes and 14 seconds of my life
Over head presses to Rhymin & Stealin
Squats with blocks to Fight for your right! This sucked!
Slowsy back to the flag in just enough time for the ALPHABET
Prayers for Keystone’s 2.? Noah,Seals M with respiratory issues,YHC sister with breast cancer
Announcements GHS half saturday, April 22 picnic at Powderkeg for the families
YHC closed us out in prayer

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