We Gather Here Today…to remember Hermie

  • Workout Date - 03/15/2016
  • Q In Charge - Squeal
  • The PAX - Bunyan, Snip-It, AFLAC, Montross, Homeward Bound, Eminem, Foie Gras, Rain Man, Beamer, Squeal (YHC)
  • AO -

10 of 29607’s finest desacked for a sandbag tribute to Hermie.  Hermie was not one of them

55F, 87% RH, Muggy, but cool enough.  Not for long.

Warm Up:
SSH x 20…scratch that… x 8.

Let’s get to work

Da’ Thang:
Mosey to the Squealmobile, partnering up along the way.  Grab 1 sandbag for each pair of guys.  Perfect number 10, because I only had 5 sandbags.  I ripped this one straight from an old one Hermie did.

The following workout was completed with a partner.  While you were at work, your partner was catching his breath getting ready to pick up where you left off.  For example, the pair did 100 ‘merkins total (20, switch, 20, switch, 20…).

100 merkins
200 jump squats
100 bag pass situps
200 bag thrusters AUDIBLE  to 100 about halfway through
100 bag squats AUDIBLE to 200
200 russian twist (4 count)
100 bag burpees

As PAX were wrapping up, I asked Montross and AFLAC to go ahead and get started on a Mary.
Exercises included LBCs, Flutters, Dollies, and probably something else.

Finish the last 10 burpees for the group superman style with everybody.


HOLY SMOKES. This one was a beast. Strong work from everybody. Montross and AFLAC absolutely woodshedded this one. Not much talking. Lots of heavy breathing, doubling over, and straight lying down on the ball court during the “rest” time.

Comments in the couple hours afterwards included the following:
“My legs are trembling”
“My taint is kind of trembling”
“That was the best 0.0 I’ve done. It was a damn good workout.”

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