We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

  • Workout Date - 07/14/2014
  • Q In Charge - 00 (Double Aught)
  • The PAX - Oui Oui, FNG - Goldust, Tesh, Macho Man, Tax Evasion, Ahnold, FNG - Stud Fee, King James, Grit, Sherpa, Alfred, Megaphone, Bartman, Epee, Snowden, Longbottom, Footloose, Earthmover, Radar, Annie Oakley, Golden Sombrero, 1 Direction, Large Marge, Johnny 5, Punkin, Deco, Bibb, Rooney, 00
  • AO -


The Burbs has hit a problematic size and has to split.  YHC had the honor of the penultimate Q, before we all go our separate ways, only to see each other again at other workouts not named The Burbs.  YHC wanted to provide a special experience to let the PAX know how I really felt about our breakup.

Warmup – 10 x Smurfjacks, IW, and Mountain Climbers

The Burbian Thang

It’s really hard to have almost 30 dudes workout within a few square feet, unless you are Snowden and want to do Brokeback Mountain for 45 minutes.  To get everyone used having some extra space, YHC set out ten stations around the MRPC campus to run a modified clock workout: 2 exercises per station, each exercise 1 minute, then sprint to the next station.  Sprinting between stations quickly became a mosey, to a mallwalk, to an amble, to a directional movement resembling something from The Walking Dead.  Every station was max OYO.  A quick mosey was had to orient the PAX.  Here it is:

1 – Power Jumps/Dolly

2 – Peter Parker/Lunges

3 – Incline Pullups on the Stairs/Sprint

4 – Jump Squat/Walking Merkin

5 – Burpees/Sumo Squat

6 – Rosalita/Lateral High Knees

7 – Merkin Jacks/Perfect Squat

8 – Flutter/Jump Lunge

9 – Peoples Chair/Dying Cockroach

10 – Sprint up hill-crab walk down/Scorpion Merkins

YHC purposefully sprinkled corework throughout because I had no intention of leading Mary at the end.  Nevertheless, the PAX demanded it, so we did some plank work, six inches, Superman/Banana, and LBCs.

Expansion: Burbs is splitting starting next week.  Burbs will remain at MRPC, while new workouts are starting at Aldersgate UMC (Mondays) and Grace Church (Thursdays).

Announce – Sign up for the Mudrun immediately.

Prayer Requests: Nail Pop’s 2.0 (F3 Columbia) in the hospital with serious seizure condition. The Families impacted by the 07/09 accident in Greer – bring some cash to donate to the family staying in Augusta. Lunch for Josiah Jennings on 7/15, who is fighting cancer, fundraiser lunch at Outback, 100% goes to Jennings family – lunchforjosiah.com

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