We Ain't Afraid of No Ghost…Flag

  • Workout Date - 11/24/2014
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - One Direction, Jenner, Satisfry, Debit, Sponge Bob, Iceman, Grilled Cheese On A Donut, Donut, Nature Boy, Hootie, Gymboree, Tannehill, Big V, Sadiq, Mary, Wi-Fi, FNG Tom (Maize), FNG Albeiro (Shakira) Crotch Rocket, Slim, Look Out Below, Tickler, Butterbean, Mab Mab
  • AO -

24 PAX (2 FNG & 6 Main Thang PAX)  put on their Proton Packs and prepared for the beat down while the Ghost Flag loomed. Core punishment was the name of the game, and this is how it went.

Warm Up:
4 Minutes of Tabata (20 seconds intensity AMRAP, 10 seconds recover between each exercise)
Fairy Jacks
High Kicks

The Main Thang:
Indian Run
2 lines of twelve PAX for two laps around main traffic circle
4 Cones lined up 25 yards apart (4 parking spaces)
Line up in two rows 12 PAX wide
1st Cone
5 Burpees
Bear Crawl to 2nd Cone
10 Burpees
Crab Walk to 3rd Cone
15 Burpees
Gorilla Walk to 4th Cone
20 Burpees
Gorilla Walk BACK to 3rd Cone
15 Burpees
Crab Walk to 2nd Cone
10 Burpees
Bear Crawl to 1st Cone
5 Burpees
While waiting on final PAX, 30 LBC, and then plank and hold
(This workout was brought to you courtesy of Nail Pop, thank you sir!)

Quick mosey down to Basketball Courts & Open Field
Pair Up- size matters
Human Wheel Barrow across 50 yard field, alternate roles as needed to complete
Piggy Back back across  50 yard field, alternate roles as needed to complete
20 IC Russian Twist courtesy of Hootie while we wait for all the PAX

Plank Claps (this exercise learned at TOT from Macho, nice!)
Get in plank position with Partners head to head, approx. 1′ foot apart
20 Plank Claps (double count…at least for the Q)

Line up on edge of field for wind sprints- all PAX across 50 yd. field and back

Weighted Merkins w/ Partner (a true crowd pleaser)
One PAX gets in plank position, other PAX gets in plank w/ feet resting on 1st PAX back between shoulders- Merkins x10 or AMRAP, then alternate

Circle up on basketball courts
20 Mountain Climbers IC

Mosey back for 5MOM

20 Heels to Heaven IC
20 Flutter Kicks IC
10 Burpees (nice call by GCOD to hit 100…depending on how many you did in Tabata)

Pray for Debit’s sister, Elisa- going home but had been in hospital

Prayers for Macho Man, Thanksgiving w/out Dad, prayers for comfort for family and continued healing.

Prayers for Josiah- for spirit to be encourage, for good mentors, and continued healing

Continue praying for Walker Phillips, seizures to stop and therapy to have great progress

Safe travels for everyone traveling for Thanskgiving this week.

Thanksgiving Day Convergence @ Lion’s Den, 7:00 am.

December 20th Mauldin Christmas BBQ, bring canned goods for admission. Kid friendly and great time.

Enough Main Thang PAX showed up to claim the Ghost Flag. It will next be available at Main Thang next Tuesday…I’m assuming the 5:30 am… Golden Strip can’t take it back until it hits another AO. Who wants it? Rally some men and plan your attack.

Jenner closed us out…thanks for the prayer Bro.

That’s all I’ve got. Shout out in comments if I missed something.

As always, I’m honored and grateful to be working out with such a good group of men. And as we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, really take time to reflect on all that you’ve been blessed with… this year and in your life. God has chosen you for the very place that you are in, and you can take comfort in the good and in the difficult that it is exactly where you are supposed to be. There is a plan much bigger than yours at play, and that should help you in releasing unwanted stress as you celebrate.

God bless,

Mab Mab

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