Waterlogged but having fun!

  • Workout Date - 04/14/2015
  • Q In Charge - Footloose
  • The PAX - Spring Break, Grrr, Cockroach, iTunes, Alfred, BioFreeze, Footloose (YHC)
  • AO -

Seven Rabbits denied the #Cantorefartsack to play in the rain at #TheStation.  Funny how several of them mentioned they were only coming because “surely we’ll be under the picnic shelter!”  Not so fast my friend!  66 degrees and rainy is a perfect time to get out and play like 12 year olds!

SSH x 17
Merkins x 10 OYO (let’s go ahead and get dirty at the start)
LBC’s x 20

The Thang:
As far as I know, #TheStation has never been introduced to a 0.0 #beatdown.  So YHC decided what better time than in the semi-warm April rain to bring it about.

20 Merkins start
Bear crawl to light pole
20 Merkins
Crab walk to next light pole
20 Merkins
Repeat all the way down (6 light poles total = 120 merkins)

Rinse/repeat with:

20 Big boy sit ups  start
Lunge walk to light pole
20 BB sit-ups
Burpee broad jump to next light pole
20 BB sit-ups
Repeat all the way down (6 light poles total = 120 BB sit-ups)
**TRAIN came by mid-way through = 10 Burpees OYO
T-Claps to the PAX for keeping up tradition

Rinse/repeat with:

20 squat jumps start
Duck walk to light pole
20 squat jumps
Inch worm to next light pole
20 squat jumps
Repeat all the way down (6 light poles total = 120 jump squats)

Because this is 0.0 and we’re too far to walk to the stairs for Joe Hendrix…let’s do backwards bear crawl across field #crowdpleaser #sneakyhard

Circle up for:

AMRAP merkins while everyone else holds plank
AMRAP squats while everyone holds squat position #anothercrowdpleaser
AMRAP Flutters while everyone holds 6″


Introduced the PAX to Makhtar Ndiaye IC (plank to each bow, back to plank) x 10
Introduce PAX to a new exercise YHC found to be known as “Michael Phelps” (start in superman position, IC touch fingers out front (1) breast stroke touch fingers behind you (2) repeat for (3 and 4) to complete 1 (Focuses on shoulders, arms, traps, low back, hips, CORE) x 10
Erectors x 25

Naked Moleskin:
It was great leading the PAX again this morning.  YHC is still battling neck/shoulder pain but wanted to surprise the PAX (and thank them for their prayers) with a mystery Q.  The old F3 adage is “Don’t Q it if you can’t do it!”  Well, YHC broke that today to cheer on the PAX in a waterlog #funfest.


Signup for Jackalope
Remember those that are hurting/struggling – Golden Sombrero’s parents, Erector’s mentor family at church, etc…

Always an honor to lead this great group of men!  I have seen each of them grow stronger in the past several months…both in character, strength and endurance.  Proud to call each of them by #brothers
We Ride Together, We Die Together…Bad Boys For Life


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