Wasn’t last minute but close!

  • Workout Date - 01/31/2020
  • Q In Charge - Lt. Dangle
  • The PAX - Cockpit, Hot4Teacher, Turban, Franzia
  • AO - The 'Burbs

Five pax rolled out of the ole fartsack to get some Friday action…To honor Friday’s we decided to break out some dumbbells or smart ones if your HFT. As always it’s an honor to lead which is the reason for planning these workouts in advance to adhere to a strict and regimen workout. OR NOT!

Warm Up:
25 Mountain Climbers

25 Hill Billies x 2 (Thank you Cheesesteak for this one)

Lil baby arm circles.

Let’s mosey to the photo booth or bathroom row as we like to call it.

The Thang:
70 Curls, 70 Tri-cep, 70 Shoulder, 70 back exercises

Complete 10 reps of each for the first set so you would do 10 curls, 10 tri-cep, 10 shoulder then 10 back excercises.


Curls: 10 full, 10 top, 10 bottom, 10 hammer, 10 full, 10 top, 10 bottom

Tri-cep: 10 raised from behind the head L/R, 10 bent over rows, 10 dips and then repeat.

Shoulder: 10 OHP, 10 front raise, 10 bent over fly..repeat

Back: 10 rows L/R, 10 lat raise…repeat

Lt. Dangle said AB time:

25 LBC

25 Flutter IC x 4

25 Bicycle forward

25 Bicycle reverse

25 standing oblique V-Up with weight L/R


Cannot ignore the chest so stay on your six!

25 chest press

25 fly

25 behind the head extension

repeat until we hit 100!

So in honor of HFT and his smart weights lets to some TOT yoga.

Convergence next Saturday, Feb 1st at Legacy Park, 0700
Prayers for the expecting wives with careers that doors are opening for potential change and some with new bosses.


Lt. Dangle

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