Was it the cold that kept everyone away?!

  • Workout Date - 12/11/2014
  • Q In Charge - Biofreeze
  • The PAX - Blue Hawaii, Johnny 5 (I am 8), Perry Mason, itunes, Wally, and 2 FNGs who are now Molly Maid and Gallo
  • AO -

Warming it up on a cold morning:


Super burpee up to 7 reps

Mosey to the Island for Core Dora

100 Double count flutters

200 LBCs

300 Russian Twists

4 Elbow planks (hold elbow plank for the time it takes your partner to run his lap)

Mosey around the pond (the long way) to the parking lot for Reverse Reverse with Merkins

Each parking space line was another merkin so first line with 1 merkin, next with 2 merkins and so on for a total of 10 lines run around the pond counterclockwise then reverse direction and head back to the parking lot to count down the merkins from 10 to 1

Mosey to the picnic shelter for burn outs in pairs

1 minute for each exercise with one partner doing one of the exercises while the other partner does the other exercise

First set: bob squats (touch your six to the picnic bench and lift up about 6 inches then down again with goal to “bob” up and down in this range for 1 minute) Partner does full standing squats

Second set: Partner-assisted pull-ups with goal to make it 1 minute but this didn’t happen so we maxed out on pull-ups

Third set: Lunges and step-ups onto the picnic table benches

Slowsey back to the circle for Mary:

Side elbow plank with leg lifts in cadence to 5 on each side

Tony Hortons 10 per side OYO

Xs and Os 10 OYO

Erectors in cadence: 10 with both legs down, 5 on the right only then 5 on the left only

Though we were few in number, our spirit was high! 25% of PAX today were FNGs…sounds better than it should.

COT: Battlefrog announcement, the Drifter race, Blue Hawaii’s mom, Johnny 5 with unspoken; Alfred and Footloose and all other PAX with injuries who are unable to join us each day

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